Canada is winning the vaccine lottery. Other count

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Canada is winning the vaccine lottery. Other countries aren't so lucky. | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Canadians are very lucky.?Just a few months after the vaccination campaign was assailed by politicians and pundits as a disaster, this country of 38 million people had received 23 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine as of Thursday morning. Millions more doses are expected in the coming weeks.

Canada?caught up to the United States this week in terms of the share of the population that has received a first dose. In terms of total doses administered per capita, Canada ranks third in the G20 and seventh among the 37 OECD countriesChina is now giving millions of shots a day and a top government doctor.

According to a tally posted this week by Blake ShafferWhen it comes to vaccines, it is only fair fo, an economist at the University of CalgaryFestivals and other outdoor events, Canada ranked 13th among the 151 countries in the world with more than a million people in terms of doses administered.

Canadians can feel good about theircovid_19_vaccination_in_canada?luckwhich counts more than 32.4 million. More than 218,000 people in India have died from COVID-19. But any celebrations should be tempered by the knowledge that not everyone is so fortunate —Today, a member of Premier Ford?and the fact that COVID-19 will remain a threat asWedding and funerals?long as it’s circulating anywhere.

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