Mayang isalai store's anniversary costumes bloom

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People are crowded and bustling, only because the ten major brands of curtains, Mayang isalai store, are in full bloom for the anniversary

(Hunan Mayang isalay exclusive store anniversary celebration · smash golden joy)

from November 6 to November 8, in Mayang, Hunan, which is known as the "hometown of longevity in China", the anniversary celebration of isalay curtain franchise store was grandly held. Local owners and all employees of the top ten brands of isalay curtain in Mayang witnessed the grand occasion of the store celebration

(the egg has no false hair, and luck makes you smash it all!)

(there are many surprises in the red envelope, in order to make you feel exciting!)

the store celebration was planned by the marketing department of isalay and implemented by all employees of Mayang isalay, the top ten curtain brands. During the project research, Ms. Tian of isalai in Mayang originally planned to hold the event on October 31. According to the actual situation of Mayang, the marketing department adjusted the landing time of the event to November 6 in order to have more time to store customers. In order to welcome the arrival of the anniversary celebration from November 6 to November 8, all the staff have already started intensive preparations very early. The balloons in the exhibition hall are hung high, filled with a happy atmosphere, and the sweet and enthusiastic smiles of the staff are piled into exquisite gifts of a hill. The facade of Mayang isalai is magnificent and magnificent. The decoration in the store is exquisite and high-end. From tile paving to soft decoration, it is ingenious and carefully carved. It is permeated with noble, elegant, fresh and warm temperament everywhere, which shows a good home life to the greatest extent, making people feel as comfortable and at ease as at home

(piles of gifts, just to make you happy!)

(the gifts you want are all for you!)

(smashing golden eggs! Eh? The note inside seems to be what I want!)

(I smash! I smash! I want to smash a gold bar for Ma Ma!)

on the day of the event, with the high-end and atmospheric store image, the changeable decorative space, and the unprecedented profit of high-quality products, many owners were attracted to enter the store to understand and buy. For Mayang consumers who pursue brand and high-quality life, Mayang isalay anniversary is undoubtedly a great opportunity to buy curtains. The event offers unprecedented incentives, including a variety of zero profit curtains, deposits and gifts, as well as gold eggs and gold bars. Unimaginable huge benefits - do not buy at this time, but when

(haha, the boy's hand is really lucky! The little girl really hit 999 as she wished! Full gold! Gold bars!)

(alas, another handsome guy hits 999! Full gold! Gold bars! Popularity is bursting!)

this store celebration activity once again won the support and trust of the local owners of Mayang isalay curtain franchise store, and further improved the popularity and influence of isalay curtain in Mayang, Hunan

(all efforts are only for you to get a better life experience!)

(isalai curtain life hall, high-end atmosphere on CCTV)

(isalai curtain, 60million family confidence choice)





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