After installing the cheap integrated wall, he was

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This is a real case shared in tscn Tuscany integrated wall decoration group. The case comes from tscn Tuscany integrated wall Loudi dealer

this is a real case shared in tscn Tuscany integrated wall decoration group. The case comes from tscn Tuscany integrated wall Loudi dealer

the beginning of the story: two days ago, I met a customer introduced by tmall last year. Before, I often contacted by phone and recommended our Tuscan integrated packaging. After visiting our store, the customer also liked the results very much. After measuring the room, the customer finally didn't choose us because of the price, but the customer himself inadvertently saw the advertisement in Hubei TV station because he likes the integrated wall. After understanding, the product price is also appropriate. Compared with hundreds of square meters of plates, it can save a lot of money. Directly find the 46 square meters of materials ordered by the manufacturer, and the lines are calculated separately. A total of 62000 yuan of plates were issued

when the customer installed a room the day before yesterday, wechat asked me, saying all his regrets. Why didn't he choose tscn Tuscany at the beginning

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because it is delivered directly by the manufacturer, you need to find a temporary carpenter locally, but there are many problems on the installation site:

1. Because you have not passed the accurate measurement room, there is no construction drawing on the site

2. The manufacturer takes the goods directly, and there is no professional master's guidance on the site

3. The color difference of the plate is serious, which is completely inconsistent with the effect drawing issued by the advertisement and the manufacturer

4. The closing problem cannot be solved after the product is installed

5. The quality of the plate is very poor, and the fingers can be crushed. When the lighter burns, it is all plastic taste

today, I made a special trip to the customer's home to promote the integrated ceiling of kitchen and bathroom, After communicating with the customer on site, the customer still regrets that he didn't choose Tuscany at the beginning

after on-site understanding, although the customer bought the plate cheaply, the price of freight installation plus auxiliary materials and lines also reached 160 yuan per square meter. Now the customer can't continue the installation at all, and he doesn't know what to do. He is very regretful

after making integrated walls in Tuscany for so long, some customers do say that our Tuscany is expensive and the products outside are cheap, but tscn Tuscany is professional in making integrated walls

in this case, I hope you can really understand the integrated wall decoration. New integrated wall decoration materials are good or bad in the market, and you must choose carefully. Not all integrated wall manufacturers can give you the environmental protection, good effect, good quality and good service you want

from the views of solid wood decoration designers on tscn Tuscany integrated wall decoration

our tscn Tuscany integrated wall can be said to be the best wall decoration material on the market at present

1. Quality ratio compared with solid wood packaging:

1. The price of solid wood packaging is high, and the cost and labor of solid wood packaging are very high, ranging from 1500 to 2500 per square meter, because the cost of wood itself is high, coupled with the complex production process, the labor cost is also very high; The environmental protection problem of solid wood packaging is the biggest problem. Paint must be used, and the chemical composition of the paint will not be mentioned. It must be toxic; The effect of solid wood decoration is monotonous. Generally, it is mahogany paint, and it can't match all kinds of designs and colors; The service life is affected by the environment, such as air humidity, wall moisture and other factors will greatly shorten the service life

2. The price and cost of tscn Tuscany integrated wall is lower than that of solid wood. The production of products is directly completed in the workshop assembly line. The carpenter only needs to measure the size on site and install it according to the drawings. The process is simple and the labor cost is low; Tscn Tuscany's biggest advantage is environmental protection and non-toxic. There is no paint or chemical raw materials, and you can move in after loading; The effect can be matched at will, with various designs and colors; Fire retardant, moisture-proof, the service life can be guaranteed for 30 years

second, compared with latex paint and wallpaper wall cloth:

latex paint and wallpaper wall cloth are not comparable with tscn Tuscany integrated wall surface. After all, they are not a grade product, and there is really nothing comparable except that they are cheaper than tscn integrated wall surface

finally, let's show you some renderings to show you what is the truly professional integrated wall installation effect




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