The post-80s advocate personalized decoration, and

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“ I once met a pair of clients born in 82 who asked for as many as 9 colors in an 80 square meter house. This demand really embarrasses professional designers& rdquo; Recently, the person in charge of a well-known home decoration company reluctantly told reporters that the personalized requirements of many post-80s customers have posed no small problem for designers. I learned that as the post-80s generation gradually entered the peak of marriage, the proportion of post-80s customers in many decoration companies is gradually rising. How to meet the unique characteristic needs of these customers is becoming the focus of competition among major decoration companies

puzzle needs are difficult for decoration companies

“ I hope your design can refer to the parts in these photos& rdquo; In a well-known decoration Center, Lin Nan (a pseudonym) who was preparing to decorate his new house for marriage took out a thick briefcase, which contained more than 20 different partial designs from different families. He hopes the designer can combine all the outstanding design features of his friends' homes collected from all over the world into his new home& ldquo; These are some very good designs, but when combined, they may not be practical and have a unified style& rdquo; The person in charge told reporters that among the decoration customers received by the decoration Center, most post-80s customers have this obvious feature: Jigsaw Puzzle needs. The reporter also learned from other decoration companies that post-80s customers like to combine various designs that are considered excellent. But this kind of jigsaw puzzle demand is very difficult for the designers of decoration companies, because each house type has its own plasticity. Using other people's designs to make simple combinations can often only lead to messy design styles and poor relevance between practicality

guide the post-80s generation to pay attention to the combination of personality and practicality

the person in charge told reporters that among the many customers they receive, post-80s customers are willing to put forward their own views, are often willing to think more about some personalized design details for decoration, and are more serious about environmental protection materials than any customer. These are the differences between them and other customers

“ This can be used& rdquo; The person in charge said that these characteristics show that they very much hope that their home design can integrate more of their own things, and they are more willing to accept new and fashionable design ideas than customers of other ages. If we can form good communication, we should be able to achieve very good cooperation& ldquo; Therefore, we require designers to design for customers according to their academic background, work background and interest habits& rdquo; For post-80s customers, this is a very necessary premise. With such a premise, designers can guide customers in the design of combining personality and practicality, “ For example, on a small balcony that can be used as an observation platform, make a hidden bookcase& rdquo; Whether the decoration company can occupy the hearts of customers with outstanding practical individualism is the key to winning post-80s customers




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