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At the beginning of the new year, people who bought houses before the new year began to decorate, and the major well-known decoration companies were busy. At this time, some small decoration companies and "road decoration teams" also rushed to seize the decoration market share. Many first-time decorators are inexperienced and are tempted by their low quotation and fast completion. Recently, some netizens reported that now there are "new" decoration traps. Xiaobian summarizes it in written form to teach you how to deal with and prevent decoration traps

trap 1

Ms. Cai, who quickly subcontracted the first decoration behind the face-to-face low price, chose a medium-sized decoration company with a quotation of only 15000 yuan in order to save money. Ms. Cai believes that this decoration company is not very small. For a 90 square meter house, light industry accessories are only 15000 yuan, which is very cost-effective. Two months later, when I moved into my new house, there were constant problems of size. At first, the decoration company also came to the door for maintenance, and then I simply ignored it. Later, Ms. Cai learned that they used the low quotation to take over the work, and then subcontracted it to “ Road fitter &rdquo

member Zou Lei's advice: Mr. Zou, who has been engaged in building materials business for 15 years, has a better understanding of the home decoration market. According to Mr. Zou, low quotation has always been the means and advantage of small decoration companies. If the owner is lucky, he will encounter a responsible decoration company, which also has relatively fixed workers. But most companies subcontract to “ Road fitter ”, For example, for the cost of 15000 yuan of light industrial auxiliary materials, they have about 40% of the profits, while hiring “ Road fitter ” Use about 15% of the cost, which will inevitably make the decoration quality difficult to be guaranteed

once the owner encounters the subcontracting of decoration works, he should stop work for inspection. It is best to find an authoritative organization, such as a third-party supervisor, to check whether the early construction quality is qualified and whether the materials used are the materials agreed in the contract. If the quality is not up to standard, he should stop work immediately and ask the construction party to bear the losses

when the decoration company has not been determined, you can visit their construction site privately. The workers of regular companies will dress in uniform, and there will be clear signboards on the construction site. The types of work, qualifications, working hours, etc. of workers will be recorded in detail. Ask the workers how much they know about their company, and know whether they are workers of the company in details




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