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[introduction] every family should have a bathroom. Once the layout of toilet geomantic omen is unreasonable, it will violate geomantic omen and may affect their own fortune. Now let's learn about the characteristics of toilet decoration and financial fortune geomantic omen

1. The toilet cannot be located in the southwest or northeast of the residence. These two positions are the major culprits of the toilet. But why do you say that? In fact, it depends on the hexagram phase of the eight trigrams. The Northeast belongs to the gen hexagram, while the southwest belongs to the Kun hexagram. The five elements belong to earth, and the toilet belongs to water. In the order of the five elements, earth conquers water. Therefore, the toilet must not be in the two positions of the house

2. According to the location of Luoshu, the central position of the house is the five elements, which belongs to soil, so the toilet cannot be built in the center of the house, which will also lead to the adverse phenomenon of soil blocking water. If the toilet is in the center of the house, the water supply and drainage may be in other bedrooms, which is even worse

3. The toilet cannot be built at the end of the residential corridor, which will lead to the fierce appearance of road rushing indoors and cause great harm to the health of residents

4. The toilet of a house cannot be completely closed. If there are no windows and only exhaust fans, the air inside will not be able to circulate and the filthy air will be in it for a long time. This is definitely detrimental to the health of residents, so the toilet must have windows to ensure that there is sunshine and fresh air inside, which is beneficial to the overall fortunes of residents

5. If there is a basin platform in the toilet, and the basin platform is oneortwo steps higher than the toilet floor, this pattern is a fierce pattern. Although this decoration style is very beautiful, the floor of the toilet can't be higher than me. This will seriously affect the residents to suffer from endocrine system diseases. (ghost uncle

6. The toilet should be built in the border area of the house, not in the middle of the house. The toilet should be far away from the door of the house to avoid being washed away when air enters the house. Remember to close the toilet door at any time





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