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Current situation and development trend of the global plastic flexible packaging printing market

in Europe, about 60% of flexible packaging is printed by flexographic printing, and in North America, the proportion is as high as 80%. However, in Asia, flexographic printing is only used in corrugated box printing, as well as some narrow packaging printing, such as trademarks, labels, folding cartons, etc. High quality wide width flexographic printing machines print color flexible packaging. At present, there are only 20 plastic film flexographic printing machines in China. In the field of flexible packaging, there are 600 or 700 high-quality multi-color gravure printing machines

in recent years, flexographic printing technology has developed tremendously, reaching the quality expected by Asian users. In terms of technology, such as thin plate technology, laser engraving roller, elastic sleeve, newly developed water-based ink, etc., are the key driving forces to promote flexographic printing to achieve high-quality printing. Many businesses that used to use offset printing or embossing, such as trademarks, labels, and replacement parts, have caused users to have many problems in the use process. Folding cartons are now completed by using narrow width or medium width flexographic printing. In particular, flexographic printing is required for packaging related to human health and environmental protection requirements, such as roof bags of fresh milk, Kangmei bags of beverages, Tetra Pak bags, etc

for printing enterprises, adopting flexographic printing can well cope with the rapid changes and demands of the market. Flexographic plate making is much slower and cheaper than gravure printing; Flexographic printing can quickly replace the substrate of any material, even the PE film can be replaced in time, and full speed production (300m/min) can be achieved. At present, European printing enterprises use flexographic printing machines to print PE and pet to achieve the required high-quality prints. Flexible packaging is the most important application in the flexographic printing packaging market. If flexible packaging is combined with handbags, textile bags, flexographic printing and other markets, a larger flexible packaging printing market will be created, and the share of flexible packaging in the flexographic printing market will exceed 50%

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