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The current situation and development trend of offset combined printing

offset printing occupies a dominant position in the field of publishing printing and commercial printing. At present, it is difficult for other printing methods to shake it. This is not only because offset printing technology has a long history, has developed relatively mature, production standards and quality are guaranteed, but also because the operation level of workers has reached a high average value; More importantly, offset printing products are of high quality and can meet the replication requirements of most products. Moreover, offset printing technology has high flexibility and is applicable to medium, long and short versions. It is these advantages of offset printing that enable offset printing to display its talents in the field of packaging printing

offset printing remains popular in the packaging printing market. Another important factor is the flexible combination of offset printing and other printing methods - offset + sheet fed gravure printing, offset + silk printing, offset + gold scanning, etc. Developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, complementing each other's strengths, not only make people who love offset printing find more reasons to love it, but also provide more means to highlight their personality for packaging users who are keen to pursue the new and seek differences

with the acceleration of people's pace of life and the improvement of living standards, the requirements for commodity packaging are also constantly improving. A large number of new products are emerging, and the pace of product renewal is also greatly accelerated. This means that people will have higher and higher requirements for the exquisite degree of packaging and the quality of packaging and printing. The variety of packaging will increase greatly, but the batch size will change little or even decrease

this trend requires flexible high-quality printing methods to adapt to it. In other words, the market needs a printing process with short production cycle and can print exquisite color images. For this, offset printing is not only a good choice, but also an inevitable choice in many occasions. Especially in China, offset printing has become very popular, and offset printing quality has become the default standard for many packaging users and consumers; Moreover, there are a large number of offset printing machines, with good hardware environment (equipment, consumables, spare parts supply...) and software conditions (technical personnel, maintenance...). It can be said that the development of China's packaging printing market is inseparable from offset printing, whether from the perspective of the seller's resource utilization or the buyer's demand. In recent years, a large number of imported multi-color offset printing machines have also confirmed this. According to several major international offset printer suppliers, most of the sheet fed multi-color offset printers introduced in China in recent years are used for packaging and printing. Especially in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, although many large and medium-sized packaging and printing enterprises have introduced web gravure printing machines and flexographic printing machines, they still take offset printing as one of their main projects, or use it to print small and medium-sized packaging products, or combine it with other printing and finishing processes to print high-quality packaging

the reproduction ability of offset printing to the fine level of image is amazing, especially the transition of gradient color is very soft and smooth, which is unmatched by any other printing method. However, the offset ink layer is relatively thin, and there are still problems of ink balance and ink emulsification. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve full, uniform and consistent ink color even if the field color block is printed twice. In packaging design, the application of field color block and spot color is very common. In order to make their products different, many packaging users usually use four-color printing plus spot color printing, and need to print gold ink, silver ink, pearlescent ink or glazing at the same time. For such packaging, if only offset printing is used, the effect of spot color and printing gold or silver will be greatly reduced. This undoubtedly poses a problem for offset printing. The important test pieces are made of rings and cuboids made of nickel molybdenum steel

in order to make up for the shortcomings of offset printing, the combined printing process of sheet fed gravure printing and offset printing has been highly praised in recent years. This combined printing process uses the advantages of thick gravure ink layer and stable ink color to print large-area field and spot color, gold silver, pearlescent color blocks, and even produce a variety of metal like etching effects; The offset printing features fine layers and smooth transition to print eye tone images and gradient patterns. The two printing methods complement each other

compared with offset press, the advantages of sheet fed gravure press are:

1 The transferred pigment is 4 times more than offset printing, the printing ink layer is thick, and the ink color is bright and full

2. There is good news from Africa and the United States that the well-known enterprise of Southern assay should follow the market trend for wet pressing and wet printing. There is no danger of ghosting, ink balance and ink emulsification

3. When printing large-area color blocks, there will be no ink color change and no "ghost"

4. The ink layer dries rapidly, and subsequent processing can be carried out immediately after printing, which can greatly shorten the production cycle

5. No dusting, no ink accumulation, and almost no ink color fluctuation

6. The printing materials that are difficult to be printed by offset press, such as vacuum aluminized paper (gold card paper, silver card paper), metal foil, etc., can be smoothly printed by single concave press

7. The printing effect of gold silver ink, fluorescent ink and pearl ink is good

8. It can print the effect of imitating metal etching

compared with web gravure printing machine, sheet fed gravure printing machine is very suitable for printing high-quality prints in small and medium batches. Its main advantages are:

1 The printing operation is very flexible, and the pre press preparation time and version change time are short

2. The overprint accuracy is exactly the same as that of the sheet fed offset press

3. Very little waste. Under normal circumstances, after the adjustment of oneortwo prints, they can be printed normally, and almost no waste products will be generated

4. Flexible equipment configuration and small investment

according to the statistics of sheet fed gravure printer suppliers, the installed capacity of domestic sheet fed gravure printers has reached about 200, and most manufacturers have sheet fed offset printers. The purpose of their selection of sheet fed gravure printing machine is to cooperate with the existing offset printing machine to realize the combination of glue and gravure, so as to achieve high-quality and low-cost printing. At present, more than 90% of the glue concave combination process is used for high-grade cigarette bag printing

silk printing is praised for its thick ink layer and full ink color. In particular, the development and application of various imitation metal etching inks have made silk printing win an important position in China's high-end paper packaging market. However, silk printing is difficult to reproduce fine images, and the production efficiency is low, and the scrap rate is relatively high

the combination of offset printing and silk printing is the preferred process for many high-end packaging, especially high-quality cigarette packs. One of the most successful practitioners of this process is Zhejiang Meinong silk printing Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Meinong silk printing Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale joint-venture packaging and printing enterprise, mainly engaged in the packaging design and printing of medium and high-grade high-quality cigarettes, pharmaceuticals and other products, with silk printing as the main feature and high-quality cigarette packs as the main business object. In addition to a number of full-automatic silk printing machines and semi-automatic silk printing machines, the company is also equipped with Heidelberg four-color offset printing machines and zhenhenri sheet fed gravure printing machines

before configuring the sheet fed gravure press, Zhejiang Meinong adopted the offset + silk printing process. On site printing relies partly on silk printing and partly on offset printing twice; Pearlescent ink and spot color ink are mainly printed by silk printing process. At the same time, special finishing effects such as frosting, ice flower and crystal are also achieved by silk printing. The silk printing machine is used for large-area field printing and pearlescent printing, so as to obtain the thick ink color required for high-quality cigarette packs and ensure that the ink color is uniform and consistent

with the expansion of production scale and in consideration of efficiency and benefit, after comparing various printing methods, they believe that gravure printing is better than offset printing in terms of color effect, although it is not as good as silk printing, and it is easier to control the consistency of ink color, especially when printing spot color. Therefore, they purchased a sheet fed gravure printing machine, which is mainly used for field printing and pearlescent printing

since the cigarette packs they undertake to print are generally medium to high-grade and above, with high price and high quality requirements, special finishing effects such as frosting, ice flower and crystal are still achieved by silk printing

in addition to professional silk printing enterprises such as Zhejiang Meinong, many domestic packaging printing plants with offset printing machines are also equipped with silk printing equipment. However, due to different business volumes and process requirements, the number of silk printing equipment may be smaller, and the configuration may be lower. Some may even be equipped with some simple silk printing tools. But there is no doubt that the marriage of offset printing and silk printing can create high profits for enterprises, so it is very popular and popularized rapidly

due to the preference for metal texture, people unconsciously use gold and silver when pursuing packaging grade. Therefore, a series of printing and post printing processes for manufacturing metal effects, such as electrochemical aluminum hot stamping, gold printing, silver printing and gold scanning, were born

compared with gold and silver printing, the metal texture of gold scanned printing is much stronger, with high gloss and good finishing effect. Moreover, due to the relatively small installed capacity of the gold scanning machine, the gold scanning printing products have better anti-counterfeiting effect

compared with anodized hot stamping, the metal luster of gold sweeping products is slightly inferior, but the gold sweeping machine can be connected to the back of the offset press. After printing, the gold sweeping process can be completed online, with high production efficiency and low scrap rate. The delicate offset image and the fullness of the gold sweep pattern give the printing a noble and elegant style. The combination of offset printing and gold sweeping technology also gives offset printing a new vitality

in addition to the above combined printing processes, offset printing can also form a variety of process schemes with various printing methods, depending on the needs of packaging prints and the enterprise's own equipment configuration, bringing more highlights to the packaging printing market

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