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The current situation and future development trend of agricultural robots in China show that in recent years, China has continuously accelerated the pace of promoting agricultural mechanization, committed to improving the level of modern agriculture, and narrowed the gap with developed countries in agricultural modernization

with the rapid development of agricultural mechanization, special robots for agricultural production have come out and gradually become an important part of agricultural technology and equipment research and development. The emergence and application of agricultural robots have changed the traditional way of agricultural labor and promoted the development of modern agriculture

domestic agricultural robots are in the initial stage

since the 1980s, developed countries have started the research and development of agricultural robots according to their own reality, and have successively developed a variety of agricultural production robots, such as grafting robots, cutting robots, transplanting robots and picking robots. The development of agricultural robot technology has effectively promoted the automation, intelligence and precision development of agricultural production process in developed countries

since the beginning of the 21st century, agricultural labor has been continuously transferred to other industries. The structural shortage and aging of agricultural labor has gradually become a global problem. The rapid development of facility agriculture, precision agriculture and high-tech, especially the rising cost of manual work, has provided new impetus and possibility for the further development of agricultural robots

however, compared with developed countries, agricultural robots in China are still in the initial stage in terms of research, development and application, which are reflected in less investment, slow development and large technology gap. In the mid-1990s, the research and development of agricultural robot technology began in China. Until the rapid development of industrialization, urbanization and modernization, the research and development scope of agricultural robots was gradually expanded. At present, it has developed cultivation robots, weeding robots, fertilizing robots, spraying robots, vegetable grafting robots, harvesting robots and picking robots

although the gap between China's robot technology and developed countries is obvious, the gap between agricultural robots is even greater. However, with the rapid development of China's science, technology and economy, especially the state's increasing support for the development of agricultural mechanization, China's agricultural mechanization has entered an unprecedented period of good development, which also provides a good development opportunity for agricultural robots, The agricultural robot then cuts out three standard test pieces from each test piece for parallel tensile test. The progressiveness and forerunner of the technology decide that it will become one of the important contents of agricultural technology and equipment research and development in China in the future

the future development trend of agricultural robots in China 0731 ⑵) it is an inevitable trend for the development of modern agriculture to apply agricultural robots, improve the utilization rate of resources and agricultural output rate, and improve economic benefits. Operating some agricultural robots in the field will greatly improve labor productivity and make rational use of labor resources. Energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered

at present, researchers mainly study two aspects: one is the walking series of agricultural robots, whose navigation system can know the path planning, obstacle avoidance, detection and positioning of the robot; 2. The electronic universal series: the conventional electronic universal material testing machine and the stability of the control system; The second is the manipulator series robots. Due to different growth environments and different shapes, the development of robots should not only consider the basic and mechanical characteristics of the working object, but also the chemical and physiological characteristics

generally speaking, in a long period of time in the future, agricultural robots will have the following three development trends, namely, to achieve the best operation method, simpler structure, more reasonable price, and more and more widely used

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