Cascade announced the launch of a new e-commerce p

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Cascades announced the launch of a new e-commerce packaging production line

release date: Source: China paper author: cascades, leader of environmental recycling, packaging and sanitation solutions of the Ministry of environmental protection, announced the launch of a new product series specifically designed for e-commerce, including providing companies selling products with comprehensive customization, innovation and sustainable packaging activities. The extensometer is a sensor for measuring specimen deformation, It is mainly used for the performance indicators corresponding to the small deformation of the sample, such as the specified non proportional extension strength and elastic modulus measured by the impact tester. If these items do not need to be measured, it is not necessary to install the extensometer solution

with cascade e-commerce packaging as the label, these new products and services are developed around customers to ensure that they meet the changing market demand

cascade positions itself as the preferred supplier for customers. Customers improve the sales of their platform through customized solutions. Its solutions for customers include:

providing sustainable packaging services for e-commerce, including the best protection. Innovative design affects the service life of parts and high-quality printing

Easy to operate

expert level service provided to ensure that customers use the correct packaging size and improve the efficiency of packaging

the shipping test conducted by the company in the kingsey falls laboratory to reduce the labor intensity of laboratory personnel ensures that the products are in good condition when they arrive at customers (cascade is a member of Amazon apass)

an executive of a packaging company said, "with the development of e-commerce, especially during the COVID-19, the demand for corrugated packaging is expanding and changing. We work very hard to provide customers with products with comprehensive specifications."

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