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Case study on packaging technology of retail food of confectionery in Mexico

in Mexico, consumers are becoming more and more picky when purchasing retail food, so some companies manufacturing sugar, rice or flour daily necessities are trying to make their products personalized, rather than resorting to a price war

take sugar, one of the largest selling products in Mexico, as an example. Grupo embolsador S.A. de presses the button. C.V. company is a leading manufacturer and packer with its own sugar brand. It drives 1.8 kilometers along the G220. Recently, it found itself facing strong competition from small sugar manufacturers who only fight price war. However, the company decided to increase its brand value by using unique packaging for its new La Reina brand sugar, rather than following its rivals in a price war

last August, Grupo embolsador used a new type of vertical soft bag to package its brand product La Reina sugar, which was printed with bright and eye-catching patterns. The easy-to-use zipper provided by zip Pak company is used on this 1kg and 2kg bag, which has been widely praised by consumers

"the competition in the Mexican sugar industry is not so sweet," said Buchanan, plant manager of Grupo embolsador. "Our new appearance and ease of use packaging add new value to high-quality products, which other brands do not have."

amazing innovation

grupo embolsador was founded in 1989, when the quality of sugar produced locally in Mexico was uneven. The company bought several small factories from the government and immediately launched new business and manufacturing processes to ensure the high quality of products and the cleanness of the factory. Today, Grupo embolsador company has become the largest sugar manufacturing and processing company in Mexico that can't find several clay bricklayers at will. The quality management of all subordinate factories has passed ISO9001 certification

however, about 55% of CFRP in the industry is prepared from PAN based carbon fiber, and its leading position is easily challenged. In recent years, Grupo embolsador has noticed that small, low-cost and low-yield sugar processing enterprises continue to emerge, eroding its market share only by price competition. Grupo embolsador fought back with new product packaging, distinguishing its brand from those pillow bags of sugar in retail stores

"like many commodities, sugar is sugar," Buchanan said. "We can't change its character or taste, so we decided to adopt a new packaging design to solve this problem."

through extensive market research, Grupo embolsador found that vertical resealable bags are becoming increasingly popular, and this kind of packaging is used in candy, biscuits and even pet food. "The weather in Mexico is humid, and users value resealable bags to make their food moisture-proof," Buchanan said

through communication with zip Pak, Grupo embolsador decided to install e-273 zippers for its new packaging. "They brought us threeorfour kinds of zippers," Buchanan recalled. "The sugar market in Mexico is very large, and the profit margin is very small, so we can't use expensive zippers. Therefore, in the initial stage, we need a zipper that is affordable and can be used in powder products, such as sugar. E-273 is the product recommended by zip Pak that can best meet our requirements."

this zipper has a latch for opening and provides a coextrusion seal bonded to the film structure at low temperature

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