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Alumina price: the upward resistance of north-south differentiation is large

during the Spring Festival, the domestic alumina price development and Reform Commission: drum explained the basic characteristics of the hydraulic universal testing machine, and encouraged foreign investment in China, engineering plastics and other new material industries remained basically stable and slightly downward. After the festival, a small number of transactions were made in northern China, and the price fell to 2795 yuan/ton in Shanxi, down 125 yuan/ton from January. Due to the reduction of production of Guangxi Huayin Aluminum due to ore problems and Guizhou Huajin aluminum due to calciner problems, alumina prices in Southwest China were strong in February

in February, the price of alumina abroad fell sharply. At the end of the month, the price had fallen to 357 US dollars/ton, down 33 US dollars/ton from January, and the price difference at home and abroad narrowed to 66 yuan/ton. Since the price difference at home and abroad was as high as 300 yuan/ton, China's alumina import volume in January was only 74000 tons. With the gradual narrowing of the price difference, it is expected that the monthly alumina import volume will rebound thereafter

in 2018, the prices of bauxite, coal and caustic soda in raw materials for alumina production have decreased to a certain extent. Antaike estimated that the average production cost of alumina in China in February was 2480 yuan/ton, a decrease of 136 yuan/ton from December last year. The decline in costs has provided a certain space for the decline of alumina prices

as the heating season is about to end on March 15, the limited production capacity of alumina of more than 3million tons/year in Shanxi, Henan and Shandong will be restored. In addition, the new alumina production capacity of Tianyuan Chemical, liulinsen, Taixing aluminum and Huaqing aluminum in Xiaoyi, Shanxi will gradually increase the domestic alumina supply, and the domestic alumina supply-demand relationship will change from the current slight shortage to excess

under the current electrolytic aluminum price, most electrolytic aluminum enterprises are in a state of loss, and the lack of funds of downstream enterprises has also brought great pressure to alumina. In general, the domestic alumina price in March was a little lower than 5. The axis bending of reinforcement at both ends of the joint should not be greater than 4 degrees. From the previous experimental machine, the performance of this experimental machine is much higher than that of the previous experimental machine, and the upward resistance is large

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