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The carton sealing improvement and packaging process of American breweries (Part 1)

son company (also known as Yuengling brewery, which is the oldest brewery in the United States) is a family business located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. It is very innovative and is brewing some new ideas every day. The newly installed equipment of the company includes eight Nordson problue (TM) 10 series adhesive hot melting furnaces and a classicblue (TM) compressed air hot melting gun with the newly developed easyone design features. Yeungling installed these systems in its 15 acre plant in Tampa to seal handling boxes, pallets and transfer boxes for bottled and canned beer

with the rising prosperity of new energy vehicles at home and abroad, this brewery was established in 1892. Its plant in Tampa was originally the facility of Stroh company. When it opened, Yuengling company had planned to add 1.6 million barrels of production capacity to the plant. Although the factory has not yet achieved this goal, its beer has a group of loyal fans, and the sales of beer has been rising rapidly, so it will not be long before it can achieve this goal

seek simple and efficient sealing equipment

because there is still room for growth in the factory, Yuengling's team in Tampa hopes to adopt easier to use, more reliable and more durable equipment to improve the sealing process of its handling and packaging boxes of bottled and canned beer. This traditional beer has shown a double-digit growth rate in its competitive field, but the sales volume of domestic full calorie beer is decreasing

the brewery adopts the new Nordson hot melt coating and melting device in its bottling line and canning line. Mr. Ron forstrom, the maintenance director of the factory, said that in use, it was found that both classicblue and problue systems were easy to install, maintain and upgrade. "We need to make some changes", he continued, "the factory is in the process of equipment upgrading and expansion, so we are facing a better situation in terms of performance, and the original old system should also be upgraded. Now, our packaging and handling boxes look much better, and the processing speed is also improved." The cartons used by the brewery, which are sealed from the side, contain 12 beer bottles with a capacity of 12 ounces

the company also uses hot melt glue spray gun and problue melter to seal the top of the 32-ect corrugated transfer box produced by Temple inland. These corrugated transfer boxes, printed in yellow and brown, were shipped from the glass manufacturer after loading empty wine bottles. The cartons had been erected in advance and the bottom had been sealed. These transfer boxes either contain beer bottles in groups of four, or basket carriers with six bottles of beer open at the top, or loosely contain 24 bottles of beer. The winery is also a batch of recycled wine glass bottles

"at that time, we were looking for a Nordson component and wanted to install it on one of our several wine bottle packers. It happened that the local representative of the company showed us the new problue melter to process a test rod," recalled Mr. ed Ybarra, production manager, "Then we visited a factory with this new problues melter, convinced that this equipment was exactly what we should choose, and realized that we would eventually upgrade all hot melt sealing parts. This is a very easy to operate system. As a result, we purchased eight melters and decided to test their spray guns."

the employees of the brewery appreciate the anti carbonization performance of this melter. It has intuitive graphic control, clear system and temperature monitoring status indication, and other safety features without complex programming

characteristics of spray gun

yuengling company likes classicblue hot melt adhesive spray gun (equipped with Nordson Saturn  acridine) В The convenience and safety features of asyon module and Saturn online filter and filter sleeve). The spray gun sprays the hot melt adhesive on the inner top cover of the handling box, pallet packaging and transfer box in the form of intermittent dotted lines or a stitch pattern

Mr. Ybarra explained that in some cases, these hot-melt adhesive strips are 3.1/2 inches long and 3/16 inches wide. Or it can be formed into a 6-inch strip

There are even more updated media.

there are three kinds of airbrush, which are direct substitutes for Nordson's h-200 series airbrush products. The larger block on the new part is the gun body, which has a rope connected to the back of the device. The smaller rectangular component in front is the module with hot melt nozzle outside

saturn solenoid valve has some color coding rings to simplify part replacement and troubleshooting. The spray gun module is fixed on the gun body by two hexagon socket bolts, and the bolts can be loosened or tightened counterclockwise with one hand, while the whole module is still "suspended" on the position of the gun body. These spray guns, which are opened by air/closed by spring, are installed on the top and side of Yuengling production line. There is a one-way fitting device with guidance. The module inserted on the device and the machined surface form a bow tie or bow tie shape to fit the gun body and module together

just as its name implies, easyon's characteristics make the installation and replacement of modules simple and fast, especially considering that it is only limited to packaging posts, the space is limited, and the spray gun is very hot, and the temperature can be as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more significant

ybarra introduced to PD, "this spray gun has a feature that can prevent mechanical parts from being burned out when working around hot-melt parts. All these spray guns are the same, so we don't have to worry about saving a variety of spare parts for five different parts - these modules, gun bodies and hoses are standardized and interchangeable, which brings us great convenience."

the spray gun has a large diameter heating head and an inspection port, which enables users to visually observe the working performance of the spray gun. Its key components are easily accessible, which Ybarra said is a feature that winery employees like very much. The spray gun can work at a temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with a maximum speed of more than 3500 movement cycles per minute

(to be continued)

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