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Girls in electronic factories, who graduated from junior high school and worked in Foxconn, are like robots. Everyone knows Foxconn a lot. As a processing and manufacturing company, Foxconn events happen every year, but some people in Foxconn are happy with it

there are so many students in China every year, and there should be such a large number of students among children in rural areas

after graduating from junior high school, or all kinds of graduation, and then going out to work, Klaus Murphy will show a series of components for tractor side covers, and most of the workers will go to electronic factories. Foxconn, ASUS and MSI have many electronic factories

one of their positions is called general worker, who works normally every day. The basic salary is very low, but the overtime salary is very high. Among these people, there are boys and girls, most of whom are 20 years old

what are the girls in the front line of Foxconn electronics factory

their fate is similar


he has been staying outside to work

they are very satisfied with their current living conditions, and work is not tiring and simple. It's boring to repeat the work in your hand every day. Like a robot, you can daze, chat quietly, and complete your work like a part. Go back from work to watch videos, chase TV dramas, visit Taobao, save money, and have no goal. Save enough money and marry a boy you like


many rural girls can't stand the boredom and boredom here after working in an electronic factory for years in order to eliminate everyone's confusion. The salary 4 Shandong Sida high tech is about 000, a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic universal experimental machines. After 22 days of work every month, they are paid overtime. In this way, everyone lives like a robot. They chose to leave Foxconn, but found that the salary outside was not as good as that of Foxconn electronics factory. Around, some returned to the electronics factory life, some went home to get married

third, find someone, go home and get married

this is the life that girls in electronic factories like. When working in electronic factories, everyone is about the same age, and there are many young men. Usually, find an object, and go outside together during the rest time. Life is not so boring, and then the time is ripe to go home and get married. It's settled for a lifetime

very few people can keep learning. Many people go to junior high school and don't continue to study in senior high school. Influenced by people older than him, they think the outside world is wonderful, but in fact, the outside world is helpless

thinking about Guangzhou and Shenzhen, these cities are colorful. When I came here, I found that I could only work in an electronic factory. 2 TLS ⑴ I ~ 20i numbers show that the equipment and promotion of spring tension and compression experiment are not as beautiful as expected. Most of the electronic factories are in remote places. Like schools, colleagues live in dormitories. I work like a robot during the day. When I go back, I feel tired and can only sleep

everyone's fate seems to have only a few choices. Going to work, saving money, going home, and getting married are all crossing the river by feeling the stones

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