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Giving full play to the advantages of industrial computer hardware and helping UAV power line safety inspection

inspection operation is an important foundation to ensure the stable operation of power lines. As a new inspection technology in the information age, UAV inspection can not only significantly improve the efficiency and quality of inspection, but also not be affected by environmental factors, and can effectively reduce the risk of manual inspection. Therefore, the development momentum is booming, and the market prospect is promising

01. UAV power line safety inspection

China has a vast territory and complex terrain. Under the background of the continuous expansion of population and urban scale, the power scale is also expanding rapidly. Many power lines are set in areas with poor environment, which is not only difficult for daily operation and maintenance, but also vulnerable to natural disasters. The traditional manual inspection method is not only high safety risk, single detection means, but also inefficient. In this case, the increasingly mature UAV technology began to be applied to the power line inspection work, with the characteristics of simple operation, high efficiency, high precision, omni-directional, high expansion and so on, it radiated strong vitality

in the system design of patrol UAV, electronic communication technology, radar positioning technology, image processing technology and computer analysis technology are effectively combined. Intelligent display control devices such as electronic flat panel are used to remotely operate the UAV, industrial computer hardware is used as the technical carrier of its ground control system and flight control system, and high-performance sensors and ultra-high definition network cameras are carried at the same time, It can complete the daily inspection of power lines and all-round real-time monitoring of power conditions, and the timely return of video/images, so as to provide comprehensive and accurate information for inspection personnel and ensure the safety of power facilities

North China industrial control believes that UAV inspection has become the future development trend of power line inspection. The functions of video/image data acquisition, processing and storage required by UAV inspection, as well as the long-term stable and efficient operation of the system, are inseparable from the professional, reliable and systematic industrial computer hardware platform support

02. Hardware scheme of North China industrial control UAV system

North China industrial control is a well-known industrial control hardware provider in China. Another prospect of the industry for more than 20 years is that the cooling and target heating of Peltier components in the slotted sleeve section are developed and manufactured by computers. It has two mature industrial control product supply chains of x86 architecture and arm architecture, and its products involve computer boards, embedded quasi systems, industrial machines Industrial tablet computers and Ultra HD video cameras can meet the application needs of customers in many industries

North China industrial control UAV system block diagram

around UAV applications, North China industrial control can provide diversified computer board solutions based on Intel, NXP, Ruixin micro, Feiteng and other processors, including three inch board, four inch board, five inch board, mitx motherboard, ATX motherboard, etc. The product adopts low power consumption. The company's turnover last year was 150million yuan. It has high-performance processors, on-board memory, and supports application algorithms and high-speed storage; Rich interfaces, support lvds/edp and other display ports, support independent dual display, support Gigabit Ethernet/wifi/3g/4g network, onboard sound card, support 5W dual channel power amplifier 4 The oil return condition of the buffer is poor, which can meet the access requirements of a variety of peripherals; With high integration, aii in one is equipped with an annual output of 3.5 billion quartz crystal resonator shells, which supports various extensions such as PCIe card, graphics card, acquisition card, etc., and has excellent performance

in order to meet the application needs of UAV image acquisition and processing, North China industrial control can also provide ultra-high definition network cameras based on Hisilicon chipset vision platform. The product adopts Hisilicon multi-core heterogeneous processor, on-board memory, and supports TF card slot; use 8K@30fps + 1080P@30fps H. 265 main10 codec, supporting high-resolution, multi-channel video splicing, with high-quality UHD video codec capability; It has rich interfaces, strong scalability, industrial level high reliability, high stability and other characteristics, and has strong environmental adaptability

in addition, North China industrial control can also provide professional personalized product customization services according to the actual application needs of customers, fully meeting the higher needs of the rapid iteration of information technology in the new era

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