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Gibberellic acid A3 is listed in Jiangxi new product plan

recently, Jiangxi xinruifeng Co., Ltd. heard that the new product project of 40% gibberellic acid soluble granules (gibberellic acid A3) developed by the company has been listed in the second batch of key new product development plans in Jiangxi Province. The product has passed the new product identification and acceptance and scientific and technological achievements identification organized by the Provincial Department of science and technology, and has the conditions for industrial production

it is reported that gibberellic acid is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator, which can promote crop growth and development, so as to improve yield and quality. At present, gibberellic acid A3 product has a strong market demand. In China, the product is mainly gibberellic acid emulsion and gibberellic acid crystal powder, which expand the utilization range of high-performance composite materials. However, for example, BMW has 35 large procurement and storage centers around the world. The emulsion product has a large volume, which is inconvenient to transport, especially after it is developed in combination with TPR composite bottom, and the crystal powder cannot be directly dissolved in water, so it is inconvenient to use. Gibberellic acid soluble granules, powders, tablets and other gibberellic acid preparations that sell well in the international market with high tensile testing machine content not only overcome the above shortcomings, but also are convenient to use, efficient, low toxicity and environmental protection, and are deeply welcomed by customers

in view of this market situation, new Ruifeng company has implemented the research and development of new products of 40% gibberellic acid soluble granules since April, 2007, and has successively completed the formula screening, pilot test, pilot test and field test of 40% gibberellic acid soluble granules, and determined the production process formula, process technical parameters and quality control indicators

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