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New choice for industry customers! Gigabyte c847n

with the rise and popularity of small mainframe computers, more and more highly integrated mini computer accessories have become the focus of consumers/industry customers, and the mini itx motherboard, as the most important part of the platform, is no exception. At present, the sales of medium and high-end Mini itx products in the market are dominated by Intel's z77/h77 platform, while the entry-level atom platform is limited by performance and has been suppressed by AMD APU. Therefore, Intel recently launched a high-performance platform based on low-power Celeron processor and nm70, hoping to reverse the embarrassing situation in the low-end market. The author learned that Gigabyte has launched a mini itx motherboard based on Celeron 847+nm70 chipset this week, which is suitable for cash registers, digital signs, KTV on demand machines and other commercial equipment. Let's take a look at the magic weapon of this new platform motherboard

this Gigabyte ga-c847n-d motherboard continues the naming method of Gigabyte ga-d525tud in model, and is named after the onboard processor Celeron 847 combined with the processor name. This BGA packaged processor on the motherboard adopts a dual core SNB architecture. It is Intel's latest low-power processor for the entry-level integration platform, which is highly respected as a waste plastic recycling and environmental friendly 3D printing material, and is used to make up for Intel's shortcomings in the low-end market. This Celeron 847 dual core processor has significantly improved performance compared with the Lexus D525 with the same positioning, and can perfectly support the playback of 1080p HD video, which solves the previous criticism of Intel's insufficient performance in the entry-level market

in terms of specifications, Gigabyte ga-c847n-d motherboard adopts classic blue PCB and standard Mini itx (17x17cm) size design. In addition to the on-board Celeron 847 processor, it also carries Intel nm70 chipset, which is much more powerful than atom's NM10 in terms of functional specifications. It supports some new features of Intel 7 Series chipset and provides sata3.0 high-speed storage interface support, It enables users to connect to mainstream high-speed devices such as solid-state drives. The motherboard has two DIMM DDR3 1333mhz memory slots, with a maximum capacity of 16GB, which can meet the needs of most users. In the expansion part, the motherboard provides three SATA interfaces, one of which is SATA 3.0 (white), and the other two are SATA 2.0 (blue). It is also estimated that the overall TPV latent demand in China can reach 300000 tons. A PCI expansion slot is provided, so that users can add at least audio, network and other devices. The motherboard is very rich in i/o backplane interfaces. In terms of video output, one VGA and one HDMI are used to provide video output, and the rest are a group of ps/2 keyboard and mouse interfaces, one E-SATA interface, one optical fiber audio output interface, four USB2.0 interfaces and one group of six channel audio interfaces (Realtek alc887 sound effect chip, which can realize eight channels through extended pins). In order to meet the needs of some industry users, the motherboard is also specially equipped with one COM interface and two Gigabit card interfaces, which is suitable for the diversified application needs of the industry

it is worth mentioning that the pin layout of Gigabyte ga-c847n-d motherboard near the i/o interface is used to expand the interface. As shown in the figure below, a COM port can be expanded in the red box and an LPT port can be expanded in the purple box

Gigabyte technology cooperates closely with Microsoft WHQL certification team to work together on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system to ensure that the driver and BIOS support can perfectly match it, so that Gigabyte motherboard can provide excellent use experience for Windows 8 and its exciting new functions. Gigabyte motherboard has been optimized as an ideal platform for Windows 8. It not only integrates a new and revised user interface to provide a new desktop computer experience, including better operating system navigation, enhanced touch screen and gesture support, better application management, and further improve additional privacy and security functions

Gigabyte ga-c847n-d motherboard is made of ultra durable 4 materials. The motherboard adopts all solid-state capacitors and a large number of ultra-low resistance transistors. It has four characteristics: moisture-proof, lightning proof, antistatic and high temperature proof. It supports dual cards, two COM ports, one PCI slot, one LPT port, one E-SATA, one optical fiber audio output, one VGA and one HDMI interface, and supports the latest Windows 8 system, It is very suitable for industry customers and home users who need to build high mobility small hosts. The public price of this Gigabyte ga-c847n-d motherboard is 759 yuan. Interested consumers/industry customers may wish to consider purchasing

about Gigabyte Technology: Gigabyte upgrade your Li has conquered a batch of key strategic materials such as special alloys and high-performance fibers for high-end equipment. Fe

focusing on the research and development of key technologies, the innovation of product design and the strengthening of quality services, Gigabyte technology has been able to establish an unshakable position in the industry and become the leader of global motherboard and graphics card product innovation; Through group operation, Gigabyte technology has successfully expanded its product line to areas such as computer peripherals, notebook computers, desktop computers, network communication products and servers. Gigabyte technology has been awarded many honors, such as "outstanding Taiwan boutique manufacturers", "top 20 international Taiwan brands" and "top 100 Asian technologies"

Gigabyte ultra durable technology creates a new benchmark in the motherboard industry! Buy motherboard, look at the quality, I choose super durable quality

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