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Hester exceeded the annual profit target of 120million yuan

in 2010, after the stripping of the agrochemical sector, the viscose filament industry will directly drive the continued upward trend of China's construction machinery market under the condition of a substantial rise in raw material prices. It is facing a severe test. Many enterprises have a backlog of products, but the products of Yibin seria group Hester company still achieved 100% sales. As of last December, Hester not only exceeded the annual profit target of 120million yuan, the profit level hit a record high, but also made major breakthroughs in process technology and scientific and technological innovation

according to lirongling, deputy general manager of Hester company, Hester company went all out to carry out three No.1 projects focusing on "science and technology, engineering and trade" in 2010, focusing on the business idea of "converging advantages and making breakthroughs". At the same time, the company takes full advantage of the role of industry associations, implements the lightweight business strategy, vigorously develops the international market, and is durable, effectively avoiding and reducing the competition of domestic peers

in 2011, the situation of viscose filament industry was still severe, and the price of staple fiber remained high, which sharply reduced the profit space of peer enterprises. However, based on the solid foundation laid in 2010, Hester company is still full of confidence in the realization of the work goals for the new year. It is expected that seria will form a viscose industry with an output value of 5.5 billion yuan in the first half of this year, and the enterprise's goal of building a "ten billion enterprise" will therefore take a big step forward

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