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Henkel joined hands with Audi to create a patented two-step body pretreatment technology

Dusseldorf, Germany - Henkel has successfully developed a new body pretreatment process in cooperation with Audi a few days ago. This two-step patented process technology is applicable to the surface treatment of multi-metal body, even 100% aluminum body. With the increase of aluminum content in body materials, the waste residue produced by traditional zinc phosphating is also greatly increased. At the same time, filtering these waste residues or avoiding the impact of waste residues on surface quality requires more cost investment

Henkel bonderite two-step body pretreatment patented technology used in Audi automobile production workshop (photo: Henkel, pr039)

Henkel bonderite two-step body pretreatment patented technology used in Audi automobile production workshop (photo: Henkel, pr039)

Henkel bonderite two-step process is based on the surface characteristics of steel and aluminum, and the two materials are treated in two steps. This process not only reduces the adverse effects of the traditional process and can handle more aluminum materials, but also reduces the use of energy and chemicals in the production process. The new process also significantly reduces the maintenance cost and downtime caused by maintenance, and reduces the amount of waste residue in the surface treatment process

Audi is the first automotive enterprise to integrate this process into its production line. This two-step process has become the global standard process for the pretreatment of high aluminum body, and has been favored by major automobile brands all over the world

this environmentally friendly and sustainable two-step surface treatment process has the following advantages: it significantly reduces the generation of waste and the consumption of energy and chemicals, thereby saving resources. It can pretreat the body shell with aluminum content up to 100%

pete2, head of European automotive surface treatment business of Henkel adhesive technology R kuhm commented on the cooperation with Audi: "bonderite two-step metal pretreatment process gives the hybrid metal body excellent corrosion resistance, and also reduces the input and treatment costs of automobile manufacturers. We are very honored to cooperate with Audi and other leading automobile manufacturers in the world."

bonderite is a registered trademark of Henkel and/or its subsidiaries in Germany and elsewhere

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