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Heshibi won the "top ten national excellent enterprises" award in the paint industry

heshibi won the "top ten national excellent enterprises" award in the paint industry

December 28, 2009

[China paint information] on December 14, 2009, at the invitation of the magazine, heshibi chemical participated in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the magazine in Shanghai Huating hotel. Present at the event were Mr. Hu Yanfeng, assistant president of heshibi, Mr. chengguoqing, product director, and Ms. Liu keying, marketing manager. During the event, the organizer presented various awards, and Mr. chengguoqing, on behalf of heshibi chemical, accepted the honorary award of "ten national excellent enterprises promoting the scientific and technological progress of China's coating industry" awarded by the organizer. This selection is based on the principle of "openness, fairness and impartiality". The independent jury composed of the expert group of the coating and coating professional committee of the China Chemical Industry Association and the editorial board of the coating industry, such as the cutter, dryer, printing device and other members, has been started since the beginning of 2009. It lasted nearly five months. Through nomination, selection, voting, publicity and other links, the winners were finally selected at the end of November 2009

the sponsor of the selection, "coating industry", was founded in 1959 (the initial publication was called "coating technology report"). The magazine is sponsored by CNOOC Changzhou coating chemical industry research institute and the coating professional committee of the Chinese society of chemical engineering. It is the only core journal of China's coating industry and one of the oldest professional journals in China's coating industry. It is now publicly distributed at home and abroad and is the preferred Journal for professionals in the industry. The professional conferences organized by the magazine every year have become the most influential brand conferences in the industry. In the selection of this award, with its flexible business strategy and excellent performance in the domestic market, heshibi chemical has gradually become an influential well-known company in the industry and won the unanimous recognition of the selection committee. In addition, the innovation road that heshibi chemical has always adhered to has also been the focus of the Committee

over the years, heshibi chemical has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with coating industry. The positioning of both sides is similar, and they are based on becoming a service platform in the industry. "Coating industry" provides services of technical exchange and information sharing, and Heshi chemical provides packaging services of products, technologies, new ideas and software closed controllers and computers. Their positioning and footholds complement each other, which will be the basis for further stable cooperation between the two sides. As a local national enterprise, heshibi chemical will continue to strengthen its own advantages, carry out intensive cultivation, improve the integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and contribute its own strength in simulation and analysis of the fatigue life of automotive shock absorber springs to promote industrial exchanges and promote the healthy development of the market

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