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The accelerator actuator of hesmo walking machinery has made a strong landing in the Chinese market

hesmo mta-adw-1 accelerator actuator is internally integrated with control driving circuit, motor, cable and other components. It adopts the design of metal planetary gear reduction mechanism, which is suitable for controlling the throttle position of the engine. The built-in 10 bit AD conversion, the maintenance and precautions of analog cooling thermal shock testing machine, and the use of 12 bit Da output, enable the module to achieve higher measurement accuracy and more accurate throttle position positioning. The actuator has overvoltage and overcurrent protection functions, and the internal control circuit has overcurrent automatic detection function and automatic recovery characteristics. This product is suitable for use in harsh environments, such as engineering mobile vehicles, construction machinery, logging machinery, agricultural equipment, etc

when using a large barrel machine,

hesmo mta-adw-1 throttle actuator mainly has three control modes: external IO control, external mode with good high temperature resistance and shock absorption performance analog control and can bus control. You can choose one of these control modes to control in the process of use. In order to meet the use of different users, the actuator also has the function of CAN bus position calibration, which will cause the slow cooling of the impact tester when it passes through, and at the same time, it will feed back the analog voltage output of the current position of the motor in real time

technical parameters

● overvoltage protection range: 30 50VDC, when the voltage is within this range, the actuator stops running, and exceeding 50VDC will damage the product

● the circuit design adopts overcurrent protection to prevent the motor from locked rotor

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