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Hester CNG (compressed natural gas) new energy forklift launched

Hester CNG (compressed natural gas) new energy forklift launched

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recently, with the launch of Chaijing haze survey "under the dome", the deterioration of air quality and environmental protection issues have been pushed to the forefront again. Haze disasters occur frequently in many regions of China, especially in the northern region, seriously affecting human health. It is urgent for us to seek and utilize cleaner and environmentally friendly new energy

in this regard, Hester forklift has developed a forklift series with CNG as the driving energy. CNG, compressed natural gas, is a new type of clean energy, and it is cleaner and more energy-saving than LPG (liquefied natural gas). The main component of CNG is methane, and the main products after combustion are carbon dioxide and water. Compared with diesel forklifts, its exhaust emissions decreased by about 90% in CO, 50% in HC, 30% in NOx, 23% in CO2 and 60% in particulate emissions. See the figure below:

at the same time, the CNG ignition point is 640 ℃ -680 ℃, as long as the aggregation concentration is less than 5%-15%, it will not burn; Compared with normal air, the proportion of natural gas is 0.68:1, so it is not easy to gather, easy to drift after leakage, and has higher safety. In the future forklift market, reducing air pollutants will become a hard requirement for the vehicle industry. Therefore, Hester CNG series new energy forklift using new energy will take the lead in becoming a mainstream environmental friendly internal combustion forklift with outstanding advantages

the deteriorating air quality and the shocking haze survey have all sounded the alarm that graphene new technology and new business model are expected to overturn the whole period. Hester is duty bound to contribute to the reform of the energy system. May we breathe fresh air under the same blue sky

about Hester but with the extension of heating time

Hester was born in 1929. In the development process of more than 80 years, Hester has won a wide reputation for its rugged quality, and has been rated as the forklift brand with "the lowest total cost of ownership" by independent media. The parent company of Hester, NACO material handling equipment group (the emergence of nmhg degradable materials overturned this impression), is one of the world's largest forklift manufacturers, headquartered in Cleveland, the United States, At the same time, it owns Hyster Yale At present, there are more than 5400 employees in the world and more than 800000 forklifts in the world

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