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On November 6, the dealer Chongqing shitehai mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was authorized to take part in the three-day international logistics exhibition in Chongqing, a comprehensive transportation hub of water, land and air in the central and western regions, with the American haist forklift. Chongqing shitehai and enterprises and relevant institutions from 13 countries and regions around the world jointly exchange technological innovation and advanced concepts in the field of modern logistics

as the largest city in the southwest, Chongqing is located in the window of the west, and it is also an important logistics transit center for the export of rich resources and industrial raw materials in the West. Chongqing has a unique terrain, but its transportation industry has a strong foundation. According to the different hardness of experimental materials, Sichuan Chongqing Expressway, port, aviation, Longhai railway, Beijing Guangzhou railway, etc., Chongqing has been included in the national logistics system based on the reduction of 2.7 million tons of pig iron and crude steel in 2016. Chongqing port has also established close ties with Shanghai port. As an important connection point for Shanghai port to extend to the west, Chongqing port will play an important role in the large-scale logistics flow inside and outside China. Since Chongqing became a municipality directly under the central government, its economy has developed rapidly and there is a huge demand for the logistics industry

Hester company is optimistic about the development prospect of logistics industry in Chongqing, vigorously promote the market in Southwest China and build an efficient service team. Under the trend of made in China 2025 and industry 4.0, we focus on innovation, embrace change, help customers realize the automation, informatization and intelligence of manufacturing and logistics, and fully promote the early arrival of the era of industrial smart logistics. As an excellent logistics system integrator, Chongqing shitehai and American Hester focus on building a customer experience platform and providing logistics equipment sales, leasing and financial leasing; Accessories and technical support; Storage scheme design; Professional customized forklift service; The downward pressure of intelligent plastic processing industry is still great, which can be managed by the fleet; We are committed to becoming a logistics assistant for customers to operate efficiently and safely

about Hester

Hester was born in 1929. In the development process of more than 80 years, Hester has won a wide reputation for its rugged quality, and has been rated as the forklift brand with "the lowest total cost of ownership" by independent media. In fact, the parent company of Hester is NACO material handling equipment group, which is one of the world's largest forklift manufacturers. Its headquarters are located in Cleveland, the United States. At the same time, it has three forklift brands, Hester, Yale and utri, At present, there are more than 5400 employees in the world and more than 800000 forklifts in the world

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