Analysis on the promotion of biodegradable plastic

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Analysis on the promotion of biodegradable plastics in China

in 2013, the state rectified the renewable plastic market. According to statistics, the environmental protection rectification has a great impact on the renewable plastic market, and the market downtime rate of severe rectification is as high as% Among them, Cixi, which is famous for its waste plastic processing, suffered from the suppression of the "100 day clearance" action, and the vitality of the market was greatly damaged. The city closed three illegal waste plastic trading markets and banned more than 830 illegal waste plastic production and processing households. 90% of waste plastic manufacturers basically shut down

the environmental protection rectification in 2013 exhausted the industry. After the Spring Festival in 2014, the regeneration market did not start well. Factors such as the decline of upstream raw materials and weak downstream demand have frustrated the confidence of the recycling industry and sharply reduced their enthusiasm for entering the market. The commencement of most markets has been delayed to varying degrees compared with previous years, and the pace of market recovery has been delayed. At the same time, the environmental protection rectification policy that has affected the market for many years is still the focus that cannot be ignored in 2014. After the year, there were rumors about environmental protection rectification in waste plastic markets all over the country. The horn of rectification has been sounded in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Zhejiang and other places, and the pace of rectification has continued

influenced by the national environmental protection and sustainable development policies, environmentally friendly and degradable products have become increasingly urgent, and environmentally friendly and degradable projects have also been encouraged by the government. On November 28th, 2013, after nearly a year of construction and trial production, the fully degradable plastic project in Hainan Province was officially put into operation, with an annual production of about 1800 tons of fully degradable plastic products. These products are fully degraded, which can reduce the pollution of thousands of tons of "white garbage" every year, and the recovery rates of packaging paper and cultural paper are increased by about 10% and 8% respectively

the project is jointly constructed by Hainan hongbeidai environmental protection products Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Shangjiu group, with a total investment of about 10million yuan. The phase I annual production capacity is 1800 tons, while the phase II is under construction. After completion, it will produce about 8000 tons of fully degradable plastic products per year. The products are mainly used to replace disposable non degradable plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, agricultural films, cups, bowls, lunch boxes, etc

at the beginning of 2013, Hainan Ecological Research Institute and Hainan hongbeidai environmental protection products Co., Ltd. introduced the production technology project of "fully biodegradable plastic products" of Guangdong Shangjiu group into Hainan to prepare for the construction of a fully biodegradable plastic products project and build a production and processing base of biodegradable plastic products in Hainan

as a leading domestic modified plastic enterprise, Jinfa technology announced on December 5, 2013 that the company recently signed an agreement with Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, and plans to carry out research on the film covering effect of biodegradable agricultural film in the crop ecological areas of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps in the next three years, and jointly carry out the demonstration and promotion of biodegradable agricultural film of more than 7million mu with the corps' Agricultural Technology Promotion Station

Reaching more than 100 kg per cubic meter

at present, China's agricultural mulching film is increasing at a rate of 10% per year, with the consumption of more than 1million tons. The market price of ordinary mulching film is about 15000 yuan per ton, while the price of biodegradable agricultural film is more than 20000 yuan per ton. If the 1million tons of ordinary agricultural film used in the market are all converted to degradable agricultural film, the market value is about 20 billion to 30 billion yuan

in 2011, the fully biodegradable plastic polyester industrial synthesis unit invested and constructed by Zhuhai Wantong Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jinfa technology, was put into operation, with an annual capacity of 30000 tons. Jinfa technology Securities Department said that the degradable plastics produced by the company are mainly used in packaging bags and environmental friendly plastic bags, and the proportion applied in the field of agricultural mulching film is not large. Goldilocks has been promoting degradable agricultural film, but because the price of degradable agricultural film is much higher than that of ordinary film, the market acceptance is not high

biodegradable materials can be said to be the trend of the future market, but at present, due to the low popularity of products among users and poor performance in the market, increasing the promotion of environmental awareness and large-scale production to reduce costs has become the primary task of the government and enterprises

on January 26th, 2014, the front page headline of Guangming, "fully biodegradable plastics will be used on a large scale", reported that fully biodegradable plastics will completely solve white pollution, which made the China Plastics Association, as a community organization in related industries, very excited

China Plastics Processing Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as China Plastics Association) is an industrial organization of China's plastics processing industry. It is voluntarily composed of enterprises and institutions, social organizations, scientific research institutions and individuals engaged in plastic processing and related industries. Its business is under the guidance and supervision of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the China Light Industry Federation. The branches of China Plastics Association include the agricultural film professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and the degradable plastics professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, which are responsible for managing relevant affairs in the industry

China Plastics Association highly recognizes the contribution of Goldilocks to the development of China's plastics industry. At the same time, China Plastics Association has long been concerned about the problem of agricultural film in China, and has been promoting the treatment of film pollution in China. For degradable plastics, the China Plastics Association has been tracking the latest developments in the industry. Biodegradable plastics represent advanced and effective products that can eliminate agricultural white pollution through terminal treatment

according to the information of the association, China uses more than 1.1 million tons of mulch film every year, accounting for more than three quarters of the global use of mulch film; Nationwide, only a small amount of mulching film has been recycled, and more have not been recycled. With the continuous growth of the use of agricultural film in China, agricultural production in many areas is highly dependent on film. In the long run, the sustainable development of China's agriculture will be greatly threatened. After seeing the report of Guangming on biodegradable mulching film, from the perspective of the industry, Ma Zhanfeng, Secretary General of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, believes that China has indeed reached the time to deal with the problem of mulching film pollution. At present, biodegradable mulching film technology has also reached the level of application and promotion

from a worldwide perspective, agriculture and environmental protection can be better promoted only by relying on national policy support and the whole industry following relevant norms. China Plastics Association can promote the implementation of relevant standards in the production process and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry by integrating industry resources. Ma Zhanfeng believes that at this stage, the lack of improvement of specific policies such as the promotion and use of biodegradable plastic products at the national level is the main reason why biodegradable plastic mulch and other biodegradable plastic products cannot be widely promoted and used in China: at this stage, the industrial scale of biodegradable plastics is far smaller than traditional plastics, resulting in product costs far higher than ordinary plastics that cause pollution; The limitations of the market limit the development speed of the industrial scale. The constraints of these two factors make it impossible for China to effectively benefit from the industrial upgrading from ordinary plastics to biodegradable plastics. We are happy to work with the team of innovative engineers from idasso and Chery

for the various situations faced at present, Secretary General Ma Zhanfeng appealed to the state and society to provide ideas to solve this problem by taking necessary actions and measures, and put forward relevant opinions:

first, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and metal accessories: stretch the clamp 40X40X10mm to connect m8x Φ With a length of 20 pieces ≥ 50mm, five hair technology has put forward a long-term promotion plan and started to implement. China Plastics Association calls on relevant state departments to introduce relevant supporting policies as soon as possible to help complete the large-scale experiment and demonstration of biodegradable plastic mulching film

second, after the successful demonstration in Xinjiang, the state should formulate a long-term and stable financial subsidy policy, gradually switch the national agricultural film to a fully biodegradable film, and completely solve the "white pollution" of farmland

third, the State formulates corresponding policies, led by China Plastics Association, to vertically integrate fully biodegradable plastics from upstream monomer raw materials to resin synthesis, as well as the processing and application of downstream products, so as to form a complete green industrial chain, create a new high-tech industrial cluster, and promote the upgrading of this industry

the treatment of white pollution is urgent. It not only requires the state to introduce specific policies such as the promotion and use of biodegradable plastic products, but also requires the extensive support of enterprises, industry associations and other sectors of society to improve the industrial scale of biodegradable plastics, reduce costs, increase the large-scale use of fully biodegradable plastics, and solve the situation of white pollution from the source

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