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Hero pen 359 how about students using a pen gift box? Use student evaluation

authentic hero pen 359 students using a pen gift box for adult art and engineering primary school calligraphy practice can be engraved and sent ink

buy 1 get 24 free ink bags and buy more than 2. See the description and explanation. Use student evaluation as follows:

first use experience: the pen tip is very good, much smoother than when the imperial concubine first came, a little burr and a little Polish twice will be perfect. Insufficient: 1. The arc under the pen grip is too large, and I'm tired of writing for a long time. 2. The water is a little severe. When 80g imported printing paper and platinum ink pass through the safety barrier mtl796 (-), the medium-sized Belle imperial concubine is impervious The hero of 38 is powerful. 3. The plastic of the pen holder is not very black, a little dark brown, which is obviously compared with the black ink in the wire of the pen clip and the imperial concubine, but it is also good to bring a little Mocha Brown. In short, the value for money, absolutely amazing

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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hero pen 359 students use pen gift box

Product Name: hero/hero 359+359a

inking method: rotary inking

country/region: China

pen holder material: Plastic

pen tip composition safety belt impact tester meets the following specifications:: iridium pen

meets different test requirements

color classification : (black) (white) (matte black) (red) (blue) (green) (purple) (powder + white) select the experimental machine with superior performance and good quality) (Yellow + white) (purple + white) (light purple + white) (green + white) (blue + white) (gray + white)

Writing thickness: 0.38mm0.5mm

applicable scenario: writing

Article Number: 359A

NIB type: standard type

brand: Hero/hero

model: 359+359a

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