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Hesman 10 Gigabit industrial switch Mach 4000 makes every effort to attack

-- rock solid and live up to expectations

the modular 10 Gigabit backbone mach4000 series switch of German hesman company adds a new member -- Mach 4002 48g+3x. It can customize different numbers and types of ports, including 10 Gigabit uplink ports, different routing software versions, redundancy and security functions. The working temperature is 0 ~ 60 ℃. In terms of anti vibration and impact, it meets the technical precautions required by the hardness tester and the needs of various applications. The product has also passed the certification of classification (Lloyd's register of Germany) and railway track (EN: 2000)

the new backbone switch can be configured with 24 or 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports summary browse "bio derived polyethylene (2), 5-furan-2 carboxylate (PEF)) has been used for fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing, and another three 10 Gigabit combo ports are optional on demand. It has 8 or 16 fixed Gigabit Ethernet ports, and the rest ports are realized by inserting 8-port media modules into slots. The media module supports 10/100/1000 base TX (10 to 1000 Gigabit twisted pair) , 10/100base-tx-poe (10 or 100MB Ethernet powered twisted pair), 100 base-fx or 1000base - find out the contact point sx/lx/lh (100 or 1000mb multimode/multimode/long-distance optical fiber) of the toothed rod when out of tolerance. It can be flexibly configured according to different needs. It supports the hot plug function and allows the replacement of media modules with power

the switch supports three-layer switching, and static or dynamic routing functions can be set according to different software versions. It supports a variety of redundancy mechanisms, such as Hiper ring, fast spanning tree and inter ring/inter ring redundancy. Its excellent security mechanisms include access control based on IEEE 802.1x, IP and MAC addresses, and SNMP v3

the new product is installed in a 19 inch rack and designed according to the principle of simple installation and plug and play. The power supply mode can be 110 ~ 220VAC or 24/48vdc. Various interfaces and status displays provide great convenience for management and diagnosis

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