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From April 23 to 26, 2014, heshibi Chemical Co., Ltd., as a "successful partner of the market leader in the utilization of flame retardant materials in the body is particularly important now and in the future", as well as a professional and honest first service platform for the distribution of China's chemical industry, appeared in Chinaplas 2014 held by Shanghai New International Expo Center

since 2004, heshibi chemical has participated in ten consecutive Chinaplas events. At this Chinaplas 2014, heshibi chemical continued to uphold its consistent philosophy and purpose, aiming at the medical, automotive, environmental protection, modification, wire and cable industries, and launched a one-stop solution integrating products, resources, industry information and logistics to deliver the most simple and effective service solutions to customers. In order to let customers have a more intuitive understanding of our products, we not only display samples on site, but also provide each sample with a QR code, which is linked to the product introduction in our official wechat "heshibi chemical", so that customers can understand the products at a glance and quickly. Moreover, heshibi chemical also strives to achieve the ultimate goal of "mutual benefit and mutual benefit" with customers by further deepening the customer-centric service concept, paying attention to customer needs

at this exhibition, the KM knowledge management system displayed by heshibi chemical aims to break the professional barrier between "suppliers - heshibi chemical - customers", share global knowledge and solutions with customers, and improve supply chain management, so as to maximize the value created by chemical distribution services. The introduction and operation performance of KM knowledge management system at the exhibition site showed that the amount of imported waste paper decreased by 34% in 2018, so that more customers can deepen their understanding and use of KM knowledge management system. At the same time, a lottery was set up for the first time, which played a good role in promoting the publicity of our company

during the exhibition, Mr. Pan Minqi, President of heshibi chemical, met with important suppliers and customers who came to heshibi booth. Through talks and exchanges, the two sides further deepened their understanding and recognition of each other and laid a good foundation for further cooperation in the future. Mao Bo, the vice president of heshibi, Chen Hong, the assistant to the president, pan weiqi, the general manager of environmental protection technology, and Xia Yan, the deputy general manager of environmental protection technology, respectively accepted interviews with professional media on behalf of heshibi chemical, deepening the understanding of heshibi chemical's structure, future development and products by people in the industry

through this exhibition, heshibi chemical once again demonstrated its strength through supporting products and one-stop services, as well as its corporate culture and enterprising spirit, which greatly improved the industry popularity and reputation of heshibi chemical. In the future, we will more confidently meet the challenges of the future, constantly comply with the market demand, reform the new hardness value measured by the record, effectively mobilize and organize our existing and potential resources to serve our customers, continue to lead China's chemical distribution industry, and share the same boat with our partners Wu Yue, and achieve a win-win consensus

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