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Henkel lubricants provide export tire enterprises with environmentally friendly oils that meet international standards

throughout the social development situation, with the increasing awareness of environmental crisis, a large number of lubricants in the production, use and discharge process due to infiltration, leakage, overflow and improper treatment methods, the pollution problem caused by more and more attention, from the development trend, Biodegradable environmental friendly lubricants and their additives will gradually replace the existing lubricants and become a new generation of green energy

in recent years, the European Union has increasingly increased the safety and environmental protection requirements for imported tires. This regulation is another strict limit after the European Union reach regulation limits the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons used in tires. At present, the European Union has become an important market for China's export of landing type tires for electronic tensile testing machines. Taking Jiangsu as an example, Jiangsu is an important base for China's tire production, and its tire export volume ranks second in the country. In 2010, Jiangsu's tires exported to the European Union accounted for 26.9% of the export volume, ranking first. Therefore, the implementation of a series of EU regulations on the tire industry will have a certain impact on China's tire exports to the EU

recently, the European Commission issued the relevant tire labeling regulation ec1222/2009. From November 1, 2012, car tires, light truck tires, truck tires and bus tires sold in the EU must be labeled to indicate the fuel efficiency, rolling noise and wet grip of the tires. Boston International Holdings Co., Ltd., which always puts quality and service first in the survival and development of the enterprise and takes providing high-quality lubricating oil for the international market as the ultimate goal, responds to the national call for environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction to protect the ecological environment, and actively uses science and technology and "human element" to continuously promote the development of environmental protection lubricating oil. The company runs through the principle of sustainable development in the production process, We are committed to solving many challenges in today's world, and provide China's export tire enterprises with environmentally friendly oil that meets international standards through layers of technological breakthroughs

at present, the environmental protection oil products produced by Henkel mainly include 220 # environmental protection gear oil and 46 # environmental protection process oil. The two major varieties of 220 # environmental protection gear oil and 46 # environmental protection process oil produced by Henkel company have passed the SGS certification and comply with the EU reach law. According to the analysis of relevant experts, the renewable and biodegradable properties of these two kinds of environmentally friendly oils make them provide obvious environmental and economic sustainable development advantages for lubrication equipment compared with traditional lubricants. In addition, Henkel adopts the formula of energy cleaning factor, which can ensure lower volatility of compressive strength, higher viscosity index and better lubricity, so as to ensure that the products can be used in environmentally sensitive areas and under harsh conditions to the greatest extent. What is more worth mentioning is that the formula of Henkel environmental protection oil comes from renewable resources, which has the characteristics of low toxicity and no pollution. It can provide a high-quality working environment for the operation area, which is more conducive to human health and sustainable economic development

Henkel 220 # environmental protection gear oil

high performance environmental protection gear oil is specially developed for load gear boxes and transmission systems in the processing methods of mechanical equipment operating in environmentally sensitive areas (strict environmental protection requirements). This product has passed SGS certification and conforms to the EU reach law

it has excellent shear resistance, effectively reduces gear wear, provides comprehensive protection for gears, and keeps gears quiet and comfortable. Good oxidation and corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance and strong oil film sealing characteristics can not only meet the special performance requirements of environmental friendly gear oil, but also meet the severe requirements of biodegradation and low toxicity. It has excellent compatibility with different metals and is widely used in the lubrication and protection of gear transmission systems of large industrial and mining equipment

Henkel 46

this product does not contain aromatics. It is biodegradable and has passed the SGS certification. It complies with the EU reach law. The product has excellent thermal and oxidation stability, excellent anti-wear and strong oil film sealing characteristics. In addition to meeting the special performance requirements for environmental protection, it can also meet the strict requirements for biodegradation and low toxicity. It has excellent compatibility with different metals. When there is only a thin oil film, it can still have excellent anti rust protection and avoid being polluted by water or other engine oils

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