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Prospect and countermeasure analysis of fruit packaging industry (I)

fruit is the pillar industry with the strongest ability to resist natural disasters and the most stable economic income in the rural areas of the main fruit producing areas. It is also the main economic support for farmers to increase their income and rural prosperity

fruit packaging industry

in recent years, China's fruit production has developed rapidly, and some brand fruits with exquisite packaging have formed a certain influence in the domestic market, driving the industrial development and benefit growth. Especially after China's entry into WTO, fruit packaging, as an important component of brand building, has become the focus of attention of leaders at all levels and society. At present, what we need to do is to try to lengthen the industrial chain and gradually promote the industrialization of fruits. As an important link in the fruit production and marketing chain, fruit packaging is of great practical significance for improving the competitiveness of fruit market, promoting the healthy development of fruit production, increasing farmers' income and realizing small-scale health in rural areas

the importance of fruit packaging

good packaging is the lifelong advertising and free advertising of goods. Packaging is directly aimed at products, and can play the role of brand trademark and advertising publicity. It is an organic part of fruit quality. New and beautiful packaging that caters to consumers' psychology can not only convey the connotation of goods, but also increase the value of products, Improve Tolstoy once said: "If one is not enthusiastic about the added value of products, according to authoritative statistics, 50% - 60% of consumers are interested in buying because of the impact of packaging. Therefore, good packaging plays an important role in promoting brands and increasing the added value of fruits. Clearly recognizing the role of packaging in fruit sales and establishing the awareness that packaging is the second quality of goods will naturally contribute to the development of the fruit industry.

development trend

in today's commodities Today, people's consumption concept, consumption mode and consumption values have changed significantly. The development of fruit packaging has the following significant trends:

first, it is convenient and compact. At present, the consumption of urban fruits has gradually tended to buy new and eat fresh, a small number of times. Convenience is the eternal pursuit of consumers. Therefore, fruits packed in boxes of more than 10 kilograms can no longer have a long operation time to meet the needs of consumers. Instead, small packaged fruits of 3-5 kilograms or even less are used. When choosing packaging, we should pay attention to the connection between the requirements of the market of origin and the place of sale. We need to establish a series of standardized sizes of packaging that can meet the requirements of international metric system

Second, exquisite high-end type. Domestic high-quality fruit packaging will be the inevitable choice to occupy the domestic market and go abroad to participate in international competition

third, trust and transparency. Some transparent materials are used in the packaging, and some perspective windows are designed to attract the attention of consumers, so that consumers can know the shape, size and color of fruits at a glance, enhance the natural affinity, promote consumers to make tendentious choices quickly after similar comparisons, and improve consumers' desire to buy and trust

fourth, it is green and environment-friendly. Fruit packaging is bound to change to green packaging. Returning to nature and pursuing health are not only consumers' requirements for fruit quality, but also inevitable requirements for its packaging. At present, fruit packaging materials have broken through the single pattern of ordinary carton packaging, and developed into green and ecological packaging materials such as exquisite bamboo, rattan, wood, recyclable corrugated boxes and so on

in addition, create an atmosphere of green packaging in patterns, product names, colors and words, so that it can become a mainstream design and be spread

the application of fruit packaging in the main production areas

generally, the fruit merchants make decisions through careful investigation in the fruit market (supermarket) in the fruit sales area, and then go to the carton packaging factory to customize the specifications, layout and layered separation once in place

in terms of high-end packaging: the design of the appearance pattern is exquisite, the materials of the carton are excellent, and the compression resistance and moisture resistance meet the standards. The carton is designed with its own brand, trademark, the number of fruits loaded and the place of origin (for example, the carton used by Shenzhen fruit merchants has its own brand and number in appearance). The interior of the carton is separated by layers and foamed with fruit. The color of the fruit requires full red High quality fruits (the requirements of high quality fruits meet the national green and pollution-free fruit quality standards), and high-end packaging is gradually moving towards miniaturization, mainly 3-5 kg

in terms of mid-range packaging: the consumer group is mainly the working class. Generally, there is no brand, trademark or place of origin on the carton. The quality of the carton is general, and the compression resistance and moisture resistance do not meet the standards. The internal fruit quality is different. Foamed fruit sets are often used, and they are not separated by layers. Such packaging has a large share in the market, and the layout of cartons is renovated quickly. With the continuous renovation of the layout, it meets the needs of the market and converges with the psychology of consumers

fresh keeping plastic bag packaging: it is mainly sold to medium-sized cities and villages, and its fruits are mixed and diverse. In addition, there are large-scale special packaging only used for fruit turnover, transportation and storage

problems existing in fruit packaging industry:

the packaging form used in fruit sales is single, and the grade is low.

the use of foaming in recent years has improved the grade of fruit sales packaging to a certain extent. Cartons have changed from low-grade to medium-grade, and gradually developed towards miniaturization and boutique. The number of high-grade cartons has increased significantly. But on the whole, in fruit sales, especially in the middle and high-end fruit packaging, the grade is still low, the specifications and printing methods of packaging cartons are diverse, and the quality is uneven. "First-class products, second-class packaging, third-class price" phenomenon is still widespread. The high-quality fruits produced in the main fruit producing areas do not fully reflect their high quality, which is closely related to the choice of fruit packaging

the autonomy of choosing external packaging in fruit sales is poor

at present, fruit sales in the main fruit producing areas are still dominated by fruit merchants' door-to-door purchase, and most fruit operators only collect fruit on behalf of foreign fruit merchants. When choosing fruit packaging, it is often the fruit merchants who have the final say. Many fruit merchants use their own packaging boxes. Fruit farmers and most dealers have no choice of external packaging, so it is impossible to make their own brands and implement unified packaging

the packaging logo cannot highlight the name and characteristics of the place of origin, and the brand publicity effect is not good. (3) the enhancement of heat dissipation capacity is good.

the main fruit producing areas have been restricted by many factors for a long time, and they have not attracted enough attention in fruit packaging, so that the fruit packaging has basically not formed a unified brand and logo, but only use some random brands without registration, reputation and regional culture in general, which is not conducive to expanding external publicity Improve the popularity of fruits

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