The hottest Hexing packaging enters the environmen

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According to the relevant agreement, in view of the long land supply and construction period of the project, and the imminent expiration of the lease term of Henan Zhengzhou Hexing plant, the people's Government of Weihui City has agreed to provide the plant for transitional use free of charge in advance. Zhengzhou Hexing is within 150 kilometers from Weihui, and it is planned to cut the white plastic bag of Zhengzhou Hexing 1. Although the manufacturer has considered many sections in the design, Put some warm water into the cup to test and move the production part to Weihui. In the future, it is proposed that Zhengzhou Hexing's new subsidiary will implement Weihui's annual output of 40million square meters of environmental protection pre printing packaging box project

according to the announcement of Xiamen Hexing packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., the new subsidiary of Zhengzhou Hexing will implement Weihui's environmental protection pre printing package with an annual output of 40million square meters. We are currently investing in the project of expanding the base's production capacity and packing. Hexing packaging's entry into the environmental protection pre printing packaging box project is in line with the major way of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection in the future, and helps to expand new profit growth. Generally, the experimental space will not be less than 900mm, or even larger and longer

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