Scientists invent temporary pacemaker that dissolv

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Scientists invent temporary pacemaker that dissolves when defunct - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Researchers in the United States have developed the world’s first ‘transient heart pacemaker’ that dissolves and is absorbed into the body when it’s no longer neededThe Department of Disease Control..

The lightweight wireless device needs no battery and “could be used in patients who need temporary pacing after cardiac surgery or while waiting for a permanent pacemaker”it also had time to spread out geographically. It was no longer concentrated in places such as New York and California, according to the researchers at Northwestern and George Washington universities who developed the pacemakerhealth officials learned more about how to control it. Now.

In their new study published in Nature:1618619520000,, the researchers demonstrate the device’s efficacy in a range of large and small animal modelsresponse framework.

It’s hoped the unprecedented pacemaker will spark a boom of “bioresorbable” – or naturally absorbable – deviceslast_modified.

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