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attention to details in acceptance of aluminum alloy Pavilion

aluminum alloy profile is made by adding some mixed metals such as copper, manganese and magnesium to pure aluminum. Compared with pure aluminum, aluminum alloy has better mechanical function, and both mechanical function and strength have been improved to a certain extent. How can we distinguish the quality of aluminum alloy pavilion

1. Aluminum content in aluminum alloy: Although mixing other metal elements can add the function of aluminum alloy to a certain extent, aluminum element as the main body, the aluminum content needs to be maintained at a certain value

2. Brand identification of aluminum alloy pavilions: there are many brands of aluminum alloy pavilions on the market, and the most fakes without a company business license. You must carefully distinguish the brand spray code of the profile appearance, go to the store to understand the products, and have a look at the factory

3. Sealing equipment of aluminum alloy Pavilion: aluminum alloy Pavilion sealing treatment. If you pull the leather strap hard, you can distinguish the good from the bad. If you pull the high-quality leather strap hard, your hand will retract, and if you pull the low-quality leather strap hard, it will deform and fracture

4. The quality of surface treatment is better: the wood grain should be realistic, preferably a three-dimensional wood grain surface with concave convex hand feeling, which is more realistic. At the same time, the wood grain should be weather resistant and will not fade for a long time

5. The overall tone should be coordinated: that is, a unified wood grain color. If there are plastic parts, their color is also similar to the wood grain

the practicality of aluminum alloy Pavilion, and when we talk about practicality, we should meet the requirements in design, strive to use the least raw materials, and ensure the largest space to achieve the maximum

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