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The "2017 top ten brands of China radiator" is the largest and most extensive brand comprehensive strength ranking activity hosted by the brand ranking network. In this selection, tens of thousands of netizens were invited to vote and comment. After several rounds of review, the top ten brands with outstanding quality and the most popular in the industry were selected. Brand ranking network is committed to promoting the branding of Chinese consumption patterns and building a good consumption environment. Since its establishment, the event has received a warm response, which has not only attracted the participation of nearly half of domestic brands and dealers, but also been highly concerned by more than 70 well-known online media such as Sina, Netease, Xinhua, China, Sohu, etc., sharing the brand feast. The reports of major media provide an opportunity for domestic excellent brands to gather popularity and improve brand awareness and influence

as of May 12, 2017, the list was announced, and lion king was selected as one of the top ten radiator brands

glion (Lion King), German lion king, originated in the 1970s, is headquartered in Bremen, northern Germany. It has a development history of more than 140 years. It is an excellent European manufacturer of heating/domestic hot water/ventilation and air conditioning equipment, and a top manufacturer of household heating and heating equipment

for more than 140 years, Glion (Lion King) has always maintained a market leading position in the fields of heating, ventilation, water heaters and air conditioners, with more than 40million customers in more than 60 countries around the world. At present, Glion has eight international brands, 12 factories and product R & D centers in seven European countries and Shanghai, China, and the most advanced product testing laboratory in Europe, with more than 14000 employees worldwide

in 1997, Glion (Lion King) Shanghai company was established to invest in the establishment of a production base to undertake marketing, service, procurement, production, R & D and other businesses in China

in 2004, Glion (Lion King) had more than 200 offline experience stores in China and more than 1300 around the world. In the same period, due to the shift of business focus to China, the production base is being expanded on a large scale

in 2013, Glion's new industrial park in Asia was completed, covering an area of 300 mu. It is Glion's green production base and garden factory in Asia. In the same year, Glion (Lion King) was rated as a high-tech enterprise

as the symbol of German industry, Glion (Lion King) brings warm and comfortable enjoyment to global users with its advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technology and excellent product solutions, and has won the respect of global users with outstanding quality and high-quality services, especially the public awareness of advocating the use of clean energy

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