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On April 17, the group standard kick-off meeting of "technical standard for pollution control of decoration of long-term rental apartments" was held at Shenzhen Institute of quality and consumption. Representatives of more than ten parents' apartment rental enterprises, including Shenzhen consumer committee, Shenzhen Institute of quality consumption, Shenzhen mayor's Apartment Rental Association, Shenzhen Academy of Building Sciences, Shenzhen free Youjia Asset Management Co., Ltd. and eggshell apartment, as well as building materials and furniture enterprises attended the meeting

based on solving the decoration pollution problem of long-term rental apartments fundamentally and at the source, and effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators, in October last year, Shenzhen Institute of quality and consumption carried out public welfare testing of indoor air pollution in some brand long-term rental apartments, and worked together with enterprises in the industry, some building materials enterprises, relevant testing institutions, technical experts, etc. to formulate the technical standard for pollution control of long-term rental apartment decoration

the draft group standard puts forward indoor air quality standards and material performance requirements for long-term rental apartments, and tries to form a set of perfect decoration pollution control technical standards from the whole life cycle of long-term rental apartments, including design, construction, acceptance and other processes. The standard is led by Shenzhen consumer committee, and nearly 20 units, including Shenzhen Academy of quality and consumption, Shenzhen Academy of Building Sciences, Shenzhen mayor's rental Apartment Association, Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and quality testing, freeyoujia Asset Management Co., Ltd., eggshell apartment, UL company, Nippon Paint China Co., Ltd., sankeshu paint, Dongfang Yuhong, have worked together to formulate the standard

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this standard takes "pre evaluation + pre-treatment" as the core, through the pollution control of the whole process of decoration design, material procurement, construction and acceptance, and organically combines the indoor air quality objectives with the environmental protection performance requirements of materials, so as to improve the pollution source control and pollution control design measures, which is expected to become a powerful tool to promote the quality improvement and upgrading of the whole industry of long-term rental apartments

the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Institute of quality consumption said that the key is how to promote the relevant parties of long-term apartments to respond positively and finally implement the implementation of the standards. The implementation of the standards should take into account the interests of all relevant parties. It is hoped that in the future, "apartment grade building materials standard" will become a synonym for high-quality and environmental friendly building materials. This is expected to not only solve the safety problems of consumers, but also comply with the interests of relevant enterprises and achieve win-win results

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