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Kitchen cabinets are popular with consumers because they are popular and practical. Generally, the installation of kitchen cabinets is completed by manufacturers or businesses, so few consumers will understand these. But Xiaobian wants to tell you: understanding the installation methods and processes of kitchen cabinets can greatly improve the installation quality of kitchen cabinets. Today, let's follow Xiaobian to see the installation methods and processes of kitchen cabinets, For your reference

kitchen cabinets are popular among consumers because they are popular and practical. Generally, the installation of kitchen cabinets is completed by manufacturers or businesses, so few consumers will understand these, but Xiaobian wants to tell you: you know the installation methods and processes of kitchen cabinets, which can greatly improve the installation quality of kitchen cabinets. Today, let's follow Xiaobian to see the installation methods and processes of kitchen cabinets, For your reference

I. detailed explanation of cabinet design drawings

there are many plates and various hardware used in cabinet installation, which are easy to be confused. And it is easy to fail to achieve the desired effect due to improper installation or damage in the installation process. Therefore, in the installation, it is necessary to have the guidance of cabinet design drawings. The cabinet design drawing indicates the size of each component and the panel assembly of each cabinet in detail. In addition, there are reminders about kitchen pipes and the positions that cannot be nailed

II. Preparation before cabinet installation

1. Description of cabinet installation sequence

cabinet installation is generally carried out by two masters. In addition to the installation of hanging cabinets, floor cabinets and countertops, the installation process also includes the installation of range hoods. The division of labor is that one master carries out drilling and installation in the kitchen, and another master assembles the cabinet to be installed on the aisle outside the kitchen. The installation of hanging cabinets and floor cabinets are staggered. Generally speaking, the installation of hanging cabinets and floor cabinets is first, then the installation of range hoods, and then the installation of countertops

2. Installation materials and tools

cabinet plate: including cabinet body plate and door plate, it is the most important material of cabinet. According to the design drawings, cabinet manufacturers produce various plates needed to assemble a set of cabinets. And the installation holes of the connectors have been basically punched on the plate

accessories: in the process of cabinet installation, the most used accessories mainly include wood tips, two in one connectors, plastic expansion bolts, screws of various sizes, hanging codes, hinges, handles, anchors and various decorative covers (white caps, hanging Code covers, row hole covers, etc.)

tools: in the process of cabinet installation, the tools used mainly include the curve saw for cutting, the impact drill for drilling, the electric drill for drilling nails, as well as the conventional gauge, marking pen, hammer and screwdriver, as well as the sealant for sealing and the grinder that may be used in table installation

III. hanging cabinet connection and fixation method

hanging cabinet, as the name suggests, is a suspended cabinet, which is generally fixed to the wall through fasteners. The installation of the hanging cabinet must be safe to ensure that the cabinet body will not fall down in later use. Let's take a look at how to fix the hanging cabinet to the wall

wall drilling + installation of hanger

at the beginning of installation, the installation position of the hanger of the hanging cabinet was determined with a measuring ruler in the kitchen, and then the impact drill was used to drill holes on the cement wall. The depth of the holes was roughly the same as the length of the screws used later. Then install the expansion screw into the hole. Its function is to twist the middle nut when drilling in, so that the middle screw can prop up the outer pipe wall, squeeze the previously beaten hole wall, and use friction to make it not easy to fall off, so as to make the nails driven later more closely connected with the wall. After inserting the expansion bolt, cut the protruding part flat with a knife, and then fix the hanger. Each hanging piece is fixed by driving two long nails with an electric drill

hanging cabinet assembly

whether it is the hanging cabinet plate or the ground cabinet plate, the connection mode is similar, and it is generally connected through three kinds of connectors

1. Wood tip connection

a large number of short and thick round wood tips were used in the cabinet installation, which were used when connecting plates. Although the wood tip is not as strong as steel nails, it can make the plates not loose and connected more closely

2. Two in one connector connection

two in one connector is composed of pull rod and eccentric part. In addition to the wood tip connection between plates, two in one connectors are also added to ensure that the connection is firm and will not collapse. The two in one connector is characterized by being able to withstand greater tension. Due to the large screw pitch, it will not damage the plate hole, and timely disassembly and assembly will not affect the firmness. The installation hole has been pre punched on the plate. During installation, first install the pull rod into the corresponding installation hole, then connect the plate, then install the eccentric part, and rotate the eccentric part with a screwdriver to fix it

3. Screw connection

in order to ensure the safe connection between some plates, electric drills will be used to drive screws for fixation. The screws used are mainly wood screws, which are easier to combine with wood than other nails

installing the hanging cabinet

1. Installing the hanging code

during the connection of the hanging cabinet plate, it is also necessary to install the hanging code in time. Hanging code is the most important hardware to realize the connection between the hanging cabinet and the wall. The cabinet is installed with exposed hanging code this time. Firstly, the hanging yard needs to be fixed to the corresponding hanging cabinet position with nails

2. Fix the hanging cabinet

buckle the hanging code of the hanging cabinet to the hanging piece mentioned above, and then fasten the screws with tools, so that the hanging cabinet can be simply connected and fixed with the wall

IV. floor cabinet plate assembly

floor cabinet installation should be relatively easy and labor-saving compared with hanging cabinet. Because the floor cabinet does not need to be drilled and fixed on the wall, it only needs to be placed in a suitable position after assembly. Let's take a look at the installation process of the floor cabinet

preparation for installation of the ground cabinet

before installation, the corresponding parts of the ground cabinet need to be cleaned, so as not to leave a cleaning dead corner after the later installation and placement

ground cabinet assembly

the assembly of the ground cabinet is cumbersome. The connection method between plates is the same as that of the cabinet assembly, which is connected by wood tips, two in one connectors and screws

however, the plate of the floor cabinet is relatively special. The wall panel and bottom plate of the ground cabinet are different from other plates. The wall panel belongs to a thinner moisture-proof plate, and the bottom plate is provided with a moisture-proof film. In addition, the horizontal bar in front of the ground cabinet is also a non wooden bar. In addition, if the wooden section is not waterproof, a special waterproof strip should be provided. This is also to prevent the water on the table from immersing into the cabinet door panel during later use, resulting in cabinet decay and damage

foundation installation of cabinet

if the cabinet body does not directly contact the ground, it is connected to the ground through the foundation. After the ground cabinet is assembled, turn it over. The installation hole has been pre punched on the bottom plate, put the anchor accessories on it, and then fix it with screws. Finally, tighten the anchor rod

floor cabinet plate cutting

the floor cabinet at the sink can't be placed directly because it is blocked by water inlet and outlet pipes, so the bottom plate needs to be cut. The tools used for cutting are mainly curve saws

before cutting, it is necessary to accurately measure various size data, and then turn the floor cabinet over, and draw the cutting size on the opposite side of the bottom plate. When cutting, it should be noted that the hole should be opened from the back. When the drill tip is exposed from the front, operate from the front to the inside, and keep the teeth from collapsing on both sides

connection between ground cabinets

in order to prevent movement, it is also necessary to connect between ground cabinets. The connection method is to drill nails into the corresponding installation holes for fixation. When fixing, pay attention to the strength to prevent tooth collapse on the plate surface

v. installation process of cabinet door, cabinet plate and table top

after the ceiling cabinet, ground cabinet and range hood are installed, then start to install the table top, cabinet partition and door plate of the ground cabinet. Let's have a look

installation of floor cabinet table top

the table top has been cut according to the shape of the floor cabinet before leaving the factory, so it only needs to be placed on the corresponding floor cabinet during installation. The joint between the two worktops needs to be smoothed with an angle grinder until the joint is completely matched. Then pour an appropriate amount of glue into the joint. After the glue solidifies, polish the excess glue with a grinder

cabinet partition installation

if there is no push-pull cabinet in the cabinet, only the partition is installed to separate the cabinet space, and only the cabinet of the hanging cabinet is installed with the partition. It can be seen from the figure that many installation holes are pre punched on the two vertical plates of the cabinet body. During installation, only the corresponding two holes need to be used, and the installation holes are selected according to the proportion of space division required. For other installation holes, in order to prevent the cabinet from getting damp, use hole caps to block them

after selecting the mounting hole, fix one of the split connectors to the corresponding mounting hole, and then install the two of the split connectors at the corresponding position on the diaphragm. Then, the side of the diaphragm with the connector installed faces the split connector on the cabinet, and it is fixed by knocking it closed

installation of slit slats

there is still a gap between the cabinet body and the wall of the hanging cabinet, which has been equipped with slats and needs to be installed. Before installation, fix the battens and plates with glue, and then apply sealant. Then insert it into the corresponding gap, and then use tools to fix the batten on the other side of the cabinet

cabinet door panel installation

1. Finally, the remaining cabinet opening and closing door panel installation. The cabinet door panel and cabinet body need to be connected by hinges. Before installation, the hinges must be fixed to the corresponding installation holes of the door panel first

2. Then, the door panel shall be corresponding to the cabinet, and the height of all door panels shall keep the lower edge of the door panel level with the lower edge of the box. Then use tools to fix the hinge of the door panel to the cabinet. After the door panel is leveled, all hinges are covered with hinge covers

3. In order to reduce the vibration and noise generated when opening and closing the cabinet door, at last, silencing plastic parts are installed on the door and cabinet

door panel handle installation

the handle of the hanging cabinet door panel is horizontal, while the ground cabinet is vertical, which is also for the convenience of opening and closing. After the handle is installed and fastened, the cabinet installation is over

the relevant information about kitchen cabinets is introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible




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