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Unlike in the past, this year is the first national two sessions since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and another grand event for China to "stand in front of the world map". People are expecting, history is expecting, and the world is expecting

today, 40 years after the reform and opening up, what strategic choices will China make to gather the majestic power to forge ahead in the new era from a new starting point? How will the water conservancy undertaking, which shoulders the national mission and carries the expectations of the people, start again

harnessing water to rejuvenate the country and gather the people's support - "the water conservancy department did a good job! It's a matter that won the people's support!"

turning to the government work report, "the energy consumption and water consumption per unit of GDP have decreased by more than 20%," 122 major water conservancy projects have been started "," the river head system and the lake head system have been implemented "," comprehensive control of desertification, rocky desertification and water and soil loss has been strengthened "," disaster prevention, mitigation and relief work such as earthquake and catastrophic flood have been strengthened "... Many quantitative or qualitative results of water conservancy work have been described, Witnessed the sonorous footprints of water conservancy reform and development in the past five years

"clarify some incorrect understanding of plastics. After drip irrigation under film, it can also produce high yield in the year of drought, with a yield of 1500 kg per mu, twice as much as in the past. It can not only get rid of poverty, but also get rich directly." During the survey, member liheyue was deeply impressed by the changes in the life of farmers. A water-saving and grain increasing action turned poverty into wealth through "drip irrigation"

in 2017, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River Basin had a flood and the Han River had a rare autumn flood. The upper and middle reaches of the Three Gorges reservoir, Danjiangkou reservoir and other reservoirs played a role in flood control and storage. According to statistics, the annual benefits of flood control and disaster reduction reached 27.6 billion yuan. Representative douxiping, deputy to the National People's Congress and chief engineer of Nanjing water conservancy research institute, lamented that these reservoirs have greatly reduced the pressure of flood control in the downstream. In addition, with the construction of Yangtze River Embankments up to the standard for more than 10 years, "people have more stability in their hearts."

as an important measure of reform in the field of ecological civilization, the river head system has taken root rapidly in the motherland since it was implemented for more than a year. The river has become clear day by day, and the blueprint of smooth river, clear water and green bank is gradually reflected in reality. The river governor system has become a hot topic of the two sessions

"the river head system has been established in 25 provinces in China by the end of 2017." "320000 River heads at the provincial, municipal, county and township levels have been identified." On the afternoon of March 9, Chen Lei responded to the concerns of public opinion at the "Ministerial channel" and introduced the progress and achievements of the river head system

two years ago, shortly after he took office as director of the water resources department of Jiangxi Province, representative luoxiaoyun went deep into the countryside to investigate the development of the river head system. After learning about the income of the river head, he was puzzled

"what are you doing for 300 yuan a month?"

"300 yuan? I'll do it if I don't pay! I've done a good job in the river, and the villagers respect me!"

now luoxiaoyun can't remember the name of the river head, but he remembers what he said: "the water conservancy department did a good job! It's a popular thing!"

in luoxiaoyun's view, this is not only a praise, but also a spur to water conservancy, and people's expectation for a better ecological environment

from the rapid changes brought about by the continuous promotion of people's livelihood water conservancy, to the Chinese wisdom and strength reflected by the promotion of water conservancy to eliminate water disasters, to the solid steps taken to deepen water conservancy reform... Listening to the words of the representative committee members on water control, all convey the people's continuously enhanced sense of gain

shoulder the mission and draw a picture - "doing a good job in water is very important for the coordinated development of regional economy, society and ecological environment."

"water control is the due meaning of a beautiful China and the construction of ecological civilization, and it is also an important part of the people's needs for a better life." Shangguan Jiqing, deputy to the National People's Congress and mayor of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, believes that it is very important for the coordinated development of regional economy, society and the ecological environment to make water the most suitable product for customers. "When the water becomes clear and the ecological environment becomes better, it will naturally attract more enterprises to invest and more talents to innovate, start businesses and settle down. It can be said that water itself is wealth."

he has participated in the planning and design of the Three Gorges project, the South-to-North Water Diversion Project and other projects attracting worldwide attention. Niuxinqiang, a deputy to the National People's Congress and an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, believes that the Chinese nation must have a clear understanding that "water resources are extremely valuable strategic resources in China. 1.3 billion Chinese people cannot live without water resources to solve the problem of food and clothing, and ensure food security and ecological security."

"the 'two-stage rocket' to increase farmland production again is water." Chencaihong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and vice president of Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is well aware of the vital significance of water in the field

water conservancy plays an important supporting role in the construction of ecological civilization, the construction of a modern economic system and the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy. On behalf of the committee members, the Committee fully affirmed the important mission of water conservancy, and reached a broad consensus on harnessing water for the benefit of the people and rejuvenating the country. But we should also be soberly aware that compared with the great trust of the times and the expectations of the people, water conservancy still has many shortcomings

"as a difficult industry, water conservancy, especially at the grass-roots level, still has the problem that talents cannot be attracted, retained and retained." Xufangsheng, deputy to the National People's Congress and President of Xiaogan water resources survey and Design Institute, Hubei Province, introduced

"at present, the public's awareness of water crisis is not enough, and water-saving education has not been fully popularized." Zhang Zhengwen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Secretary of the Party committee of the a/d conversion channel of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), has some concerns. With the continuous improvement of water conservancy infrastructure, water supply for urban residents can also be given priority in dry years. Rural households have access to tap water. If water information education is not strengthened, it is difficult for people to realize the desire of "meeting sweet dew after a long drought"

"to revitalize the countryside, we must first make up for the shortcomings of drinking water safety." Li Yuncai, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Jiu San Society, believes that the current rural drinking water safety project still has problems such as imperfect management system and difficulty in ensuring long-term effectiveness


on behalf of the committee members, they not only care about water control and revitalization, but also dare to find and expose problems, and actively check the pulse for the reform and development of water conservancy. Facing these problems directly, without covering up, avoiding or putting off, "where there is a short board, where there is a remedy" is the eternal value pursuit of Minsheng water conservancy for the people's livelihood

start again with suggestions and suggestions - "happiness comes from struggle."

embark on a new journey in the new era. The government work report clearly states that "the newly increased standard farmland is more than 80million mu, and the area of efficient water-saving irrigation is 20million Mu", "improve the infrastructure such as water supply, power supply and information", "the investment scale of water conservancy under construction reaches 1trillion yuan"...

the representatives of the committee members actively offer advice and suggestions on both the deployment tasks of the Central Committee and the current key difficulties

chenjie, deputy to the National People's Congress and director of the water resources department of Jiangsu Province, believes that water conservancy in the new era must focus on improving the security, ecological and livelihood guarantee capabilities, and constantly enhance the people's sense of security, happiness and gain

in the face of China's basic water situation of water resources shortage and uneven spatial and temporal distribution, Niu Xinqiang believes that we must focus on building modern water with harmonious coexistence of human and water, scientifically arrange a number of cross basin water resources allocation projects, ensure the full and sustainable utilization of water resources, and promote high-quality economic development

with the successive implementation of national strategies such as the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the construction of xiong'an new area, the Haihe River Basin, whose per capita water resources are far below the extreme shortage standard of 500 cubic meters, will face severe water security problems. Zhouchaohong, deputy to the National People's Congress and chief engineer of Tianjin Water Affairs Bureau, suggested: "speed up the construction of the second phase of the east line of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project to realize the water supply from the east line to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei."

2018 will usher in the 60th anniversary of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Nong Weihong, deputy to the National People's Congress and vice president of Guangxi water resources and electric power survey, design and Research Institute, is looking forward to the "big gift package" from the State - the commencement of the Baise reservoir irrigation area project. "After the project is completed, poor villagers in mountainous areas can plant mango, banana and other special economic crops, and the per capita income will increase by more than 2000 yuan." She sighed, "otherwise, without water, you can't be stable or rich."

"the next step will be to vigorously carry out the construction of ecological Poyang Lake Basin." Luoxiaoyun's simple words reveal the practical nature of water conservancy workers. It is understood that the construction of the ecological Poyang Lake Basin has been recognized by the Jiangxi provincial Party committee and the Jiangxi provincial government, and has been listed as an important part of Jiangxi's deepening reform in 2018

to meet people's yearning for a better life, douxiping believes that the construction of water conservancy projects should pay more attention to the protection of the ecological environment, "we should comprehensively consider various impacts, repeatedly conduct in-depth and detailed demonstrations, and also put forward remedial measures to minimize the impact on the ecology."

weidingmei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and vice mayor of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, is very proud to serve as songjiachong river municipal governor. She expects to use more ecological forces to maintain the healthy life of the river. "People are in the scenery, scenery is in the water, people and water are harmonious, and the smiles on the faces of the people are full of happiness."

"to smoothly promote the river head system, we should follow the deployment requirements of the Central Committee, do solid work, not empty talk, and come up with practical moves and make practical results. This is what the people most want to see." Guojun, a deputy to the National People's Congress and a member of the China Academy of water resources and Hydropower Research, said that happiness comes from struggle

indeed, this is an era of strivers. Only through struggle can we live up to this unprecedented new era. Shouldering the sacred mission, let us use continuous struggle to open up a broader stage, write a more brilliant picture, and realize the sustainable development of water conservancy. Let's not relax, stop and start again

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