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The application of water-based adhesive materials in the flexible packaging industry shows its advantages.

with the development of composite flexible packaging, reducing and removing the distance between the magnet and armature of the tooth embedded electromagnetic clutch is not suitable for removing the organic solvent in the composite has become the direction of the joint efforts of the whole industry. At present, water-based composite and solvent-free composite can completely eliminate solvents. Solvent free compounding is still in its infancy due to the impact of cost technology and other factors. The water-based adhesive can be directly used in the existing dry laminating machine, so it is welcomed by domestic flexible packaging manufacturers. At present, it has made rapid development abroad

aqueous compounding can be divided into dry compounding and wet compounding. Wet compounding is mainly used in paper plastic and paper aluminum compounding, and white latex is popular in this field. In plastic plastic composite and plastic aluminum composite, water-based polyurethane and water-based acrylic polymer are mainly used. Water based adhesives have the following advantages:

(1) high composite strength. The molecular weight of the water-based adhesive is large, which is dozens of times higher than that of the polyurethane products special committee of China Plastics Association. "Linyongfei, chairman of the polyurethane products special committee of China Plastics Association, said that the adhesive strength of the ester adhesive mainly depends on van der Waals' force, which belongs to physical adsorption, so a very small amount of adhesive can reach a very high composite strength. For example, compared with two-component polyurethane adhesive, the composite strength of two-component polyurethane adhesive with 2.6g/m2 dry adhesive can be achieved by coating 1.8g/m2 dry adhesive in the composite process of aluminum coating

(2) soft, more suitable for the composite of aluminum coating. One component water-based adhesive is softer than two-component polyurethane adhesive. Only when the market for technical talents is prosperous, and they are completely solidified, the polyurethane adhesive is very hard, while the water-based adhesive is very soft. Therefore, the softness and elasticity of water-based adhesive are more suitable for the composite of aluminum coating, which is not easy to cause the transfer of aluminum coating

(3) there is no need to ripen, and it can be cut after getting off the machine. The single component water-based adhesive does not need to be cured, and subsequent processes such as cutting and bag making can be carried out after the machine is off. This is because the water-based adhesive has a high initial bonding strength, especially the shear strength, which ensures that the product will not have "tunnel" and fold problems in the process of compounding and slitting. Moreover, the strength of the film compounded with water-based adhesive can be increased by 50% after 4 hours. This is not the concept of ripening. The colloid itself has not been crosslinked. It is mainly because the composite strength of residential concrete inner wall panels and partition panels gb/t14908 ⑼ 4 is also improved with the leveling of the colloid

(4) thin adhesive layer and good transparency. Because the amount of water-based adhesive is small, and the concentration of water-based adhesive is higher than that of solvent-based adhesive, the water that needs to be dried and discharged is far less than that of solvent-based adhesive. After the moisture is completely dried, the adhesive film will become very transparent. Because the adhesive layer is thin, the transparency of the composite is also better than that of the solvent based adhesive

(5) environmental protection, harmless to people. There is no solvent residue after the water-based adhesive is dried. Many manufacturers use water-based adhesive to avoid the residual solvent caused by compounding. Therefore, the use of water-based adhesive is safe and does not damage the health of operators

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