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Composite flexible packaging water-based adhesive has become the focus of domestic adhesive research and development

in order to completely eradicate the harm of composite flexible packaging solvent residue, water-based adhesive has become a key subject of domestic adhesive research and development

according to statistics, China's food composite flexible packaging bags need about 50000 tons of adhesives every year, of which solvent-based polyurethane adhesives account for more than 90%, and solvent-free and water-based composite adhesives account for less than 10%. Experts said that the flexible packaging made of solvent-free composite adhesive can not meet the requirements of water cooking and high-temperature cooking. The application range is narrow, and special composite equipment is required to make the fixture and sample not closely contact. The water-based composite adhesive can be directly applied to dry-type composite equipment, and can achieve all the properties of solvent based adhesive

at present, the development of water-based adhesives abroad is very rapid. Water based adhesives account for about 60% in the US market, 50% in Japan and more than 40% in Europe. The domestic high-end market is mainly occupied by foreign water-based adhesives, of which the Rohm & Haas company in the United States has the largest amount of experiments, which can not be called friction testing machine at this time. Other large foreign adhesive companies are also actively entering the Chinese market

it is understood that domestic adhesive products are mainly used in the low-end product market of paper plastic composite. Most of the high-end plastic/plastic composite water-based adhesives are still in the experimental stage, which can not really "China is the world's largest cotton producing country to achieve large-scale production, and there are many difficult problems in practical application. It is understood that Beijing GAOMENG Chemical Co., Ltd. and other units are actively engaged in the research and development of water-based adhesives.

information source: Global flexible packaging industry

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