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"Water light multi energy complementary" clean energy innovation and development management

Xiangbiling hydropower plant (hereinafter referred to as Xiangbiling hydropower plant) of state power investment group Guizhou Jinyuan Co., Ltd. was established on December 14, 2015 to manage Xiangbiling hydropower station and Xiangbiling water light complementary agricultural photovoltaic power station. Xiangbiling hydropower station is located on the Niulan river at the junction of Weining County, Guizhou Province and Huize County, Yunnan Province. The dam site of the hydropower station has a multi-year average flow of 128 m3/s, a normal pool level of 1405 m, a dead water level of 1370 m, a total designed storage capacity of 263million m3, a regulated storage capacity of 168million m3, and an installed capacity of 2 × 120 MW. The power station is connected to Weining 220 kV substation with i-circuit 220 kV line, with an annual generating capacity of 930million kwh. Xiangbeiling photovoltaic power station is constructed by using the wasteland near the hydropower station and is delivered by relying on the hydropower station lines. The installed capacity of phase I is 48 MW. It adopts a distributed structure and uses 290 MPa monocrystalline silicon panels. It covers an area of more than 1860 Mu and has an annual power generation capacity of 63 million kwh. Xiangbiling photovoltaic power station was completed and generated power in June 2017, and the hydropower station was completed and generated power in August of the same year, realizing the smooth operation of the first "water light complementary" project in Guizhou Province

the connotation and practice of "water light multi energy complementary" clean energy innovation and development

the connotation of "water light multi energy complementary" clean energy innovation and development: combine long-term hydropower construction with short-term photovoltaic construction, make use of the site, capital and delivery advantages of hydropower construction first, combine the climate and regional advantages at the junction of Yunnan and Guizhou, rely on the national electricity price subsidy policy for new energy development, and rely on the national power investment With the support of Guizhou Jinyuan and the government, with the help of the scientific dispatching of "water and light complementation", the coordinated construction of hydropower and photovoltaic is realized, the development mode of clean energy is innovated, and the task goal of promoting the healthy development of enterprises is achieved

this innovative management has four characteristics: first, the mode innovation has realized the completion of the first "water light multi energy complementary" project in Guizhou Province; Second, the decision-making is scientific. According to the objective law of project construction, the coordinated construction and scheduled production of hydropower and photovoltaic have been realized; Third, the technology is advanced, and the complementary characteristics of hydropower and photovoltaic are used to optimize dispatching, reduce light rejection and increase benefits; Fourth, financial optimization. Through cost control and capital optimization, the complementary operation of hydropower and photovoltaic has been realized

the leading group made decisions and made clear the objectives and division of labor

in order to build the "water light multi energy complementary" project, the leading group of xiangbeiling hydropower plant carried out a "brainstorming" in early 2016 to comprehensively, prudently and actively analyze the problems and conditions in all aspects

first, analyze the convenient conditions for photovoltaic development in xiangbeiling Hydropower Station area. First, make full use of the land acquired in the construction and living area of the hydropower station and the capacity of the 220kV transmission line of the hydropower station, and share the control room and outgoing line channel to reduce the project cost; Second, it has good management advantages for the photovoltaic development around the hydropower station, so as to save the management cost and reduce the operation cost to the greatest extent; Third, the integration of photovoltaic resources and hydropower resources into one power supply not only optimizes the power quality of photovoltaic power stations, but also accumulates experience for exploring the operation mode of "water light complementary"

secondly, the policy conditions for photovoltaic development in Xiangbiling Hydropower Station area are analyzed. First, it conforms to the national policy on new energy development and can obtain higher electricity prices; Second, the State Power Investment Group currently has a positive attitude towards photovoltaic development, making it easier to establish and promote projects; Third, it meets the development needs of Guizhou Province and Weining County, and drives the people in the project area to get rid of poverty and become rich through investment

finally, the economic benefits of photovoltaic development in xiangbeiling Hydropower Station area are analyzed. According to the annual average of total radiation in this area of about 5000 MJ/m2, it is judged that the utilization hours of photovoltaic power station can reach 1100 hours, meeting the income demand of investment and development. It is feasible to develop the "water light multi-energy complementary" project in xiangbeiling

after careful discussion and research, Xiangbiling Hydropower Plant decided that the plant director and the Secretary of the general Party branch should take the lead in the work related to photovoltaic and hydropower respectively, and made it clear that the photovoltaic project should be approved by the end of 2016, and the photovoltaic power plant should be put into operation before June 30, 2017. In the same year, the "double investment" of hydropower station and the "water light multi energy complementary" project of Xiangbiling were completed

make good use of the new energy policy and speed up the project approval of photovoltaic projects

with the policy support of Guizhou Province, the state power investment, Guizhou Jinyuan and Weining County to vigorously develop new energy projects, it is proposed to use the acquired land in the construction area of the hydropower station and the land around the hydropower station to build a 48 MW agricultural photovoltaic power station after preliminary light measurement and light resource assessment. The project adopts the "water, light and agriculture" complementary development mode, which has the characteristics of coordinated and complementary photovoltaic and hydropower output and comprehensive land utilization. At the same time, the project land is used for agricultural development to solve the employment problem of local people

due to its rich resources and unique concept of "Shuiguang agriculture", the project is a clean energy project. In addition, the implementation of agricultural projects can effectively help local farmers get rid of poverty and become rich. Therefore, the project has been strongly supported by governments at all levels, energy bureaus and power companies from the feasibility study stage. It takes only 3 months from the establishment of the project to the filing, which fully reflects the "vitality" advantage of the project

do a good job in project management to ensure that the project is put into operation on schedule

to achieve "water light multi energy complementarity", we must build hydropower and photovoltaic power stations respectively, in which hydropower is the foundation and photovoltaic is the development (see Figure 1)

do a good job in safety and quality control of long-term construction of hydropower stations. Xiangbiling hydropower station is the largest hydropower station project under construction in Guizhou Province from the 12th Five Year Plan to the 13th five year plan. Its storage capacity and installed capacity are among the best in Guizhou Jinyuan hydropower sector. The dam and underground powerhouse are the largest projects of the same type in Guizhou Province at present. During the long construction period, the safety and quality control of the project shall be well done through the following aspects:

first, the safety shall be strictly controlled in a long period. The project safety management of Xiangbi mountain is very difficult, and the geological conditions around the hydropower station are very complex. Since entering the site, it has been plagued by natural disasters. From 2014 to 2016, a considerable number of mudslides and floods occurred, and two major earthquakes occurred during that period. The traffic conditions at the construction site are complex. National Highway 213 crosses the site, and many civil roads connecting the two banks cross the entire construction area; The geological conditions of the power station are complex. It is a rare basalt landform in Guizhou. The construction area is full of ravines and collapses. Small and medium-sized debris flows often form in the rainy season. In the face of difficulties, Xiangbiling hydropower station has maintained the record of "zero death" of the project through strengthening safety awareness and strict safety management during the construction process of more than 6 years

second, fully trust and rely on local governments. Xiangbiling hydropower station is located on the Niulan river at the junction of Yunnan and Guizhou. It is surrounded by Han, Yi, Miao, Hui and other ethnic groups. The people are complex and strong. There is great resistance to land acquisition, resettlement and engineering construction. Through the coordination between the two governments, the project can be carried out smoothly

third, rely on the construction management office and supervision to strengthen quality supervision. Compared with other schemes, the dam type scheme of RCC arch dam for hydropower station can save nearly 1/3 of the investment, and the benefits are significant. At the same time, the difficulty of engineering construction is also greatly increased. Firstly, the temperature control requirements of RCC arch dam are very high, and the dam body temperature needs to be monitored in real time; Secondly, the hyperbolic RCC arch dam has a hyperbolic structure both vertically and vertically. While ensuring the construction progress, the setting out process and formwork process involved in maintaining a beautiful shape need to be groundbreaking. Through the collaborative management of the construction management office and the supervisor, all participating units start from the details and strictly control the acceptance

fourth, as the owner of hydropower plant, it is not necessary to rely on it and do it by itself. Because most of the electromechanical equipment are purchased by the owner, and the power plant personnel have formed a strong operation and commissioning team after early production preparation, which has laid a solid foundation for the smooth operation of the project

control the short-term quality and progress of photovoltaic power station. Compared with other engineering construction projects, the construction and management of photovoltaic power station is more difficult due to its large investment amount and short construction cycle. Safety, quality, progress and cost are several aspects that need to be controlled in the process of project implementation

in terms of construction progress control, since the construction period of the photovoltaic project is only a few months, the control of construction progress is particularly important. The progress control is mainly to supervise and urge the construction unit to complete the construction schedule every week according to the requirements of the general objectives of the construction period, and divide the schedule into milestones, bar charts and network plans

engineering quality will reduce the performance of plastics; In terms of quantity control when the relative humidity in the air is less than 50%, quality control is the top priority of all work and the guarantee for the realization of operating profit during the duration of the project. Quality control focuses on the following links: quality control should start from the source, that is, strictly control from the beginning of the construction of foundation works, and carefully review the axis, distance and elevation of piles. Focus on controlling the verticality of steel support and the firmness of connection between steel support and embedded parts; Grounding mainly refers to the requirements of buried depth and plumpness of welding seam; The installation of combiner box shall not only control the specification requirements of wiring, but also control the consistency of elevation and the firmness of support. The supervision unit is required to write the supervision plan according to the contract contents and relevant specifications, the professional supervision engineer shall write the supervision implementation rules for the whole project, and there shall be special supervision implementation rules for important divisional works; The construction unit shall be ordered to write a general construction organization design that conforms to the actual situation, and there shall be a special construction scheme for key points and key parts. The data shall be collected and kept throughout the construction process, focusing on the adopted standards and the integrity of the data. The booster station, box type substation, cable trench and civil engineering are taken as the divisional works for acceptance, so as to ensure that the quality of each single sub project is qualified and excellent, so as to ensure that the quality of divisional works and the overall project is qualified and excellent

in terms of construction safety control, the project resolutely implements the safety policy of "safety first, prevention first". Carefully study and implement various laws, regulations and management systems of the state, the industry and the group company, and require the supervision unit, the construction unit and the labor subcontractor to organize safety study, establish safety awareness, master safety skills, and strictly follow the operating procedures. Operators of special types of work must work with certificates, and special safety construction schemes shall be provided for operations with high risks. Focus on traffic safety and construction machinery safety

in terms of control over the use of funds, when signing the EPC contract for steady export growth, it was clear that the general contractor should advance funds for half a year, effectively solving the problem of the source of construction funds. The management of photovoltaic power station construction also involves the coordination and handling of geological exploration, design, supervision, construction, manufacturers, local residents, relevant government departments and other aspects, which requires more human, material and financial resources

carry out "water light complementary" operation research

after the completion of Xiangbi ridge "water light multi energy complementary" project, the realization of "water light complementary" operation becomes the key to the effectiveness of the project. Through the early "water light complementary" operation research, a lot of experience has been accumulated, and the advanced experience of other companies' "water light complementary" projects has been used for reference to realize the scientific and efficient operation of the project (see Figure 2)

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