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Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Department recently announced that the construction of an automatic water quality monitoring system for drinking water sources in Zhejiang has been completed, which can realize the real-time monitoring of the water quality of centralized drinking water sources above the county level in the province and maximize the safety of drinking water for urban and rural residents

it is understood that the original water quality monitoring of drinking water source areas in Zhejiang Province mainly relied on manual sampling, with few monitoring frequencies and limited data, resulting in potential safety hazards. The commercialization practice of environmental energy storage in Zhejiang Province has been continuously rolled out, which took more than two years to complete

Chen Qian, chief engineer of Zhejiang environmental protection department, said that the whole system has more than 40 indicators including algae, biological toxicity and organic matter, making it the most complete water quality monitoring system in China. The system construction project has a total of 81 monitoring points and 88 sets of monitoring equipment at a cost of 210million yuan. It can monitor and warn the water quality of 21 municipal drinking water sources and 60 county-level drinking water sources respectively. The built central management and control system can process the automatic water quality monitoring data of 81 water source areas and realize the data review of German reprap at the provincial, municipal and county levels. 4. Review and report of the general situation of the composite polyurethane adhesive industry and early warning in case of emergency

"once the automatic monitoring system detects pollution, the environmental protection monitoring department will form an early warning report, and the environmental protection monitoring department will immediately start the monitoring plan and disposal plan." Chen Qian said

improve resource utilization and management protection level

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