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Completion of water-based anti-corrosion coating industrialization demonstration project completion of water-based anti-corrosion coating industrialization demonstration project April 27, 2004 the 15000 ton/year water-based anti-corrosion coating production project undertaken by the Research Institute of marine chemical industry and aligned with the center was considered by many industry insiders as an industrial demonstration project. On April 18, the completion and commissioning ceremony was held in Qingdao Chengyang Qingda Industrial Park. The completion of the project will play an exemplary role in promoting the development of the coating industry towards environmental protection and resource saving, and driving the application of water-based coatings in various industries, and will have good economic and social benefits

the water-based anti-corrosion coating technology used in the demonstration project is based on the national scientific and technological research projects of the seventh and eighth five year plan undertaken by the Research Institute of offshore chemical industry. After the industrial application test of the ninth five year plan, the product has reached the international advanced level in the 1990s, which is equivalent to the product technology level of large foreign companies, and the price is far lower than that of imported products. The achievement has independent intellectual property rights and is recognized as a national new product. It is characterized by the use of core-shell structure self emulsifying water-based resin and its production process. With water as the dispersion medium, it overcomes the pollution and waste of organic solvents. As we all know, it is an environmental friendly coating. Its application field can be extended to metal substrates and can become a substitute for solvent based coatings

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