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The first automatic water quality monitoring system of Xiangshan County in Ningbo has been put into use recently. After intense installation and commissioning by technicians, the first automatic water quality monitoring system of Xiangshan County in Ningbo has been put into use in maoyangxikou reservoir. With a total investment of more than 1.15 million yuan, the system can realize 24-hour real-time monitoring of reservoir water quality to promote domestic aluminum products of civil aircraft to reach the international advanced level, and provide a firewall for the safety of drinking water for citizens

yesterday (September 6), I saw in the central control room of Xiangshan Xikou reservoir industry management office that as long as the staff sat in front of the computer and opened the automatic water quality monitoring platform, the water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and other indicators of the reservoir water quality could be clearly presented in front of them. According to the relevant person in charge of Xikou management office, this set of automatic water quality monitoring system is a comprehensive automatic monitoring system with automatic analysis instruments as the core, using modern sensing technology, automatic measurement technology, automatic control technology, computer application technology and relevant special analysis software and communication network. Its working system consists of four parts: water sample collection, data transmission, data management and information service, The basic monitoring parameters such as water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and other characteristic monitoring parameters such as chlorophyll a, algae density and acute toxicity can be monitored continuously for 24 hours. Once the analyzer detects abnormal values, the system can automatically alarm and retain abnormal water samples. At the same time, the management department was reminded to respond in time to stop the water supply and effectively prevent the further expansion of pollution incidents

at this stage, we generally use manual monitoring to detect the surface water quality of the reservoir. Although the water quality of drinking water sources should be monitored every month, it only shows the water quality of the sampling period. The relevant person in charge said that, compared with manual monitoring, the automatic water quality monitoring system is not easy to be affected by environmental factors such as weather. To ensure the health and safety performance of plastic packaging materials, we need to rely on the extensive use of various green and safe plastic additives. For example, when monitoring and early warning need to be strengthened in severe weather such as typhoon, the automatic monitoring system can timely grasp the change trend of water quality and provide strong technical support for water quality safety protection. At the same time, the automatic monitoring system will also help to comprehensively improve the automation level of environmental monitoring, further improve the drinking water safety early warning system, and change the passive situation that water quality information can only be provided to relevant departments after accidents

it is understood that in order to better warn the safety of drinking water sources, Xiangshan County will gradually install an automatic monitoring system for reservoir water quality in key drinking water sources to ensure the safety of drinking water for citizens, according to the unified deployment in the province that more than 30 kinds of raw materials such as scrap steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics can be recycled for two-time use after harmless decomposition

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