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On February 24, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the guiding opinions on orderly promoting the resumption of work and production of enterprises in the industrial communication industry, requiring that on the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of emergencies, enterprises in key areas of non emergency prevention and control should be promoted to resume work and production, and efforts should be made to achieve the development goals and tasks of this year's industrial communication industry. It is mentioned that it will focus on supporting strategic emerging industries such as 5g, industrial interconnection, integrated circuits, industrial robots, additive manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, new display, new energy vehicles, energy conservation and environmental protection

the process of replacing labor with machines may be accelerated.

in recent years, driven by the reduction of the cost of industrial robots and the increase of human costs, the payback period of industrial robots has been continuously shortened and the application fields have been broadened

at present, industrial robots are temporarily emerging in medicine, pharmaceutical equipment and other fields. For example, some medical drug delivery robots put into use in the current special period can not only identify the way by themselves and complete the material distribution quickly and accurately, but also maintain 24-hour continuous operation when the power is sufficient, which greatly saves personnel's energy and time, and can further prevent personnel from being infected by the virus

in the pharmaceutical workshop, with the full-automatic production line gradually used in the pharmaceutical production process, pharmaceutical enterprises will improve the pharmaceutical quality through machine replacement. At present, more and more enterprises begin to introduce automatic production equipment and realize mechanized operation, which will help further improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost of enterprises. And because most of the production processes have achieved closed and automated production, pharmaceutical enterprises can ensure the environmental quality of the workshop

robots such as packaging robots and handling robots are also widely concerned by the pharmaceutical machinery industry and play an important role in corresponding fields. For example, Franz Spitznagel, senior development project manager of a pharmaceutical machinery enterprise in DuPont performance materials (DPM), said: "Phased achievements have been made in the power field, such as AGV trolleys, palletizing robots and three-dimensional libraries, RFID tracking technology of pharmaceutical containers, production execution system MES of solid preparation workshop, etc. in the pharmaceutical assembly workshop, if these AGV trolleys can help complete point-to-point handling operations, they will lose their compliance value (the second reason has been from the national new urbanization plan (2014-2020)) See the description for the relevant contents of), and achieve the goals of shortening the handling time and reducing the cost

it can be seen that with the birth of these intelligent achievements, it is conducive to further liberating the traditional and repeated production labor force in the industry and reducing the cost of industrial enterprises. Especially under the background of rising labor costs, the application of intelligent achievements is more important

according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the output of industrial robots in China reached 59097 sets in the first half of 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 52.3%. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of industrial robots in China will reach more than 800000

the industry believes that this emergency led to the postponement of the resumption of manufacturing enterprises, while the production lines with a high degree of automation were relatively less affected. It is expected that after the end of the emergency, the process of machine replacement may accelerate. In this context, it is expected to be a major change for the entire pharmaceutical and equipment industry

pharmaceutical equipment (source: Pharmaceutical)

intelligent manufacturing will be reflected in more fields

with the 5g era and the promotion of artificial intelligence, real intelligent manufacturing will be reflected in more fields. For example, in the pharmaceutical field, intelligent manufacturing is an important way to improve drug quality and ensure drug safety

in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, the core of intelligent manufacturing of traditional Chinese medicine is quality digitalization. Based on the modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, some enterprises use modern scientific and technological means to deconstruct the systematicness and complexity of traditional Chinese medicine, clarify the digital connotation of traditional Chinese medicine that is safe, effective and quality controllable, implement modern traditional Chinese medicine product research and development, process digital design, process modeling control, production visual management, product transparency services, and upgrade the intelligent manufacturing platform of the whole industry chain

in the field of pharmaceutical equipment, the smart factories of some domestic enterprises are currently undergoing final acceptance. It is reported that after the Chutian project is completed and put into operation, the enterprise will have a variety of pharmaceutical robots such as detection robots, filling robots, sterile transfer robots, flexible manufacturing production lines and intelligent factories of personalized pharmaceutical equipment. The company predicts that the smart factory can reduce labor costs by at least 66.7%. When injecting clean and dry kerosene, the production efficiency will be increased by 37.9%, the defective product rate will be reduced by 27.3%, and the energy utilization rate will be increased by 13.3%

some pharmaceutical machinery enterprises mentioned in the pharmaceutical interview at the 58th pharmaceutical machinery exhibition that the company will continue to invest and integrate various forces, including technical and financial forces, in the development of intelligent manufacturing. At present, the company has taken firm steps to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing. Its new factory of industrial intelligence 4.0 has been put into production in two months


at present, China's manufacturing industry is constantly moving towards industry 4.0. Intelligent manufacturing is also an important direction for the development of manufacturing industry, and many industries are moving towards intelligent manufacturing. However, on the whole, the intelligent road of China's manufacturing industry, such as medical equipment, is still in the initial stage, and most of them are still in the stage of partial intellectualization, automation and informatization. Therefore, industrial enterprises need to treat it with a scientific and rigorous attitude in the actual production

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