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"Machine replacement" set off a new wave of industrial revolution in Dongguan

Southern news East's machine replacement plan with a resolution of 0.3n Dongguan is ahead of the country, and will set off a new wave of industrial revolution in Dongguan in the next few years. On November 10, Li Peigen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and former president of Huazhong University of science and technology, who is known as Uncle gen, made a special report in Chang'an with the theme of the development of Dongguan intelligent equipment industry, combined with the development trend of Dongguan Science and technology, and put forward suggestions for the development of Dongguan enterprises

Li Xiaomei, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and head of the United Front Work Department of the municipal Party committee, he shaotian, Secretary of the Chang'an Township Party committee, and nearly 400 representatives from functional departments, industry associations, business enterprises and scientific research institutions in Dongguan attended the forum

Li Peigen said that many enterprises in Dongguan are implementing intelligent equipment planning, gradually replacing people with machines, and further liberating productivity. With the continuous promotion and popularization of intelligent equipment, Dongguan has upgraded and transformed from a labor-intensive city to a science and technology intensive city. It is also because of the use of intelligent equipment that Dongguan has upgraded from the world factory made in Dongguan to the city of science and technology made in Dongguan

he believes that the concept of machine replacement is not unique to Dongguan. With the strong promotion of the Dongguan government, Dongguan's machine replacement plan is ahead of the country. In the next few years, it must include strong acid resistance and most organic substances, which will set off a new wave of Dongguan's industrial revolution

he shaotian introduced the development of smart Dongguan promoted by Chang'an. He believes that the development of intelligent equipment industry and the implementation of machine replacement is an important measure to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and the source of power to ensure sustained economic growth

he revealed that in order to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and improve the level of two characteristic industries, electronic information and hardware mold, Chang'an town actively promotes the development of intelligent equipment industry, issues incentive policies, encourages enterprises to produce and use CNC machining centers, and formulates special fund management measures for machine replacement. The finance of Chang'an Town arranges a special fund of 3million yuan per year to encourage enterprises to implement machine replacement and use advanced automation equipment, Speed up technological transformation and upgrading, reduce the number of workers, improve labor productivity and product quality rate, promote industrial upgrading, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, so as to continuously improve the industrial development level of Chang'an. Yu Lianying studied the process and performance of producing fire-retardant building and decoration materials from waste thermoplastic plastics and sawdust powder, At the same time, strict environmental protection control is more conducive to the optimization of industrial structure and meets the requirements of non combustible building materials specified in the national standard (gb5464 ⑴ 985)

later this month, academicians and experts are invited to the workshop

Dongguan academician forum is a brand activity of Dongguan Association for science and technology. Combined with the overall planning and annual implementation content of Dongguan industrial development, this activity invites top domestic academicians and experts to offer advice and suggestions for the social and economic development of Dongguan, which has had a far-reaching and extensive impact in the city and even the Pearl River Delta

this academician forum is one of the annual academician and expert enterprise activities of the Municipal Association for science and technology. According to the plan, academicians and experts will also be invited to Dongguan enterprises in late November to conduct in-depth research, give advice on the development of enterprise intelligent equipment, speed up the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent equipment industry and high-quality development, and achieve the overall objectives of reducing staff, increasing efficiency, improving quality and ensuring safety

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