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How can China's machine tool enterprises grasp the east wind brought by the automobile industry?

China's automobile industry as a whole is stable and rising. As the largest customer of the machine tool industry, the development of the automobile industry will bring better prospects to the machine tool industry. How can the east wind of the automobile industry be used by machine tool enterprises and how should it be laid out

According to the latest data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, China produced 22.117 million vehicles and sold 21.984 million vehicles in 2013, with production and sales increasing by 14.8% and 13.9% year-on-year respectively. The automotive industry as a whole showed a steady upward trend. As the largest customer of machine tool industry, the development of automobile industry will bring better prospects to machine tool industry

how can the east wind of the automotive industry be used by machine tool enterprises and how should it be laid out? Luo Baihui, general manager of Shenzhen Jinmo Integrated Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd., believes that if you want to seize the users of the automotive industry, you must at least do the following four points: material performance

find the market gap

if you want to seize the opportunity, you must first find the market gap! Only by using them to check all relevant geometric parameters and appearance defects of each product, can users choose you if everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, and the products produced are irreplaceable

so how to find the market gap? Luo Baihui believes that it is a good way to find weak links in the current market. At present, the weak link of China's machine tools is the production efficiency and accuracy of the equipment, as well as the wear system of numerical control system valves and oil cylinders. If the machine tool enterprise solves any of them, then this link has become its core competitiveness

clear market positioning

identify the market gap, and then we need to make a good positioning, because any product can not be suitable for all consumers, it can only serve specific users. Before carrying out product research and development, machine tool manufacturers need to seriously consider whether the target customer group is low-end users or middle-end users, or whether the voice of protecting forest resources and seeking new wood substitutes is increasingly high-end users

develop products

if the market gap is the target and the market positioning is the bull's-eye, then the product is an arrow on the string. Only when the arrow hits the bull's-eye, can it be considered successful. Therefore, only by developing products to fill the market gap according to the market positioning can we win the favor of users. The development of new machine tools is the disadvantage of Chinese machine tool manufacturers, which is also an important reason for the lack of domestic products in the medium and high-end machine tool market

open the sales channel

the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the deep alley. No matter how good the quality of the machine tool is and how suitable it is for your user, if he can't touch it, then everything is useless. Therefore, opening the sales channel to users is the key factor to create profits for the enterprise. In the information age, the behavior pattern of consumers is generally: generate attention, arouse interest, search, start action, share and spread. For machine tool manufacturers, choosing a suitable e-commerce platform allows users to quickly find themselves on the Internet, even if the sales channel is successfully opened

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