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Machine tool functional parts industry: we are eager to refine the supporting policies

the voice of supporting the development of national functional parts industry has been rising wave by wave, and the relevant departments have repeatedly said that they should give practical support in policy. But up to now, the situation of the national functional component industry still seems to be a little embarrassing

for example, from the first three batches of projects approved by the "special plan for CNC machine tools", among the 194 projects, the proportion of functional components is still very small

the popularity of the functional department will also be further expanded. The component industry lags behind the host industry.

compared with the CNC machine tool host, the production of functional components in China lags behind, with few varieties and low degree of industrialization, which can not meet the market demand, and some products have to rely on imports

there is an example that can illustrate this problem very well. In recent years, with the rapid rise of the mainland host industry, Taiwan's host market share in Chinese Mainland is getting smaller and smaller, but Taiwan's functional component products still maintain a high market share in the mainland. This shows that in terms of host production, the mutual friction between mainland products at a regular speed has surpassed that of Taiwan products, but in terms of functional components, there is still a gap between mainland products and Taiwan products, which cannot be effectively replaced

due to this development gap, the overall anti risk ability of the functional component industry is still relatively weak under the sweep of the financial crisis. According to the interview, after the recovery in the first half of the year, from the sales situation in July and August, the situation of some leading enterprises in the functional component industry is not very optimistic. Compared with some main engine plants that mainly develop medium and high-end machine tools, it seems that they have insufficient stamina

experts have repeatedly stressed that key components and accessories determine the development of the host machine. Only when the development of key components and accessories reaches a higher level and the self matching rate of key functional components is improved, can a group of internationally competitive large-scale CNC machine tool manufacturing enterprises be formed. The lag of the functional component industry will inevitably become a bottleneck restricting the development of domestic high-end CNC machine tools. For example, the extensive use of imported functional components has greatly increased the cost of some high-end CNC machine tools, and lost competitiveness in the international market. In addition, industrial safety is also threatened

at present, the manufacturing technology of CNC machine tools is developing in the direction of high speed, compounding, intelligence and environmental protection. The accuracy of the mechanical model has been verified by experiments. The technical level has been continuously improved, and the supporting functional components must also be rapidly improved. Without high-quality functional components, the rapid development of CNC machine tools will also become empty talk

the implementation of the policy should cover the market level

so the materials are more convenient to use and less wasteful

at the beginning of this year, the executive meeting of the State Council passed the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry (2009-2011)" (hereinafter referred to as the "three-year plan"). The revitalization plan has changed the focus on basic components from "developing the host to drive the development of the component industry" to "focusing on the host and the development of key components", which shows that the state has paid enough attention to the development of basic functional component industry

in fact, the voice of policy support for the functional component industry has been strengthened in recent years. However, relevant industry insiders said that the "three-year plan" has indeed changed the previous practice of emphasizing the main engine over the supporting facilities in technology introduction or technological transformation, but specifically, the supporting policies for the functional component industry have not been detailed enough, and the strength seems to be slightly insufficient. As mentioned above, among the projects that have been approved in the special plan for CNC machine tools, the functional component project does not show any advantages

in the face of the current situation, the functional component industry has been eager for the state to increase support for basic industries, and hopes that there will be detailed plans to support the functional component industry in terms of policies

experts said that to develop functional components in China, we must first solve the problems of small production scale and decentralized layout, form professional and mass production, and reduce manufacturing costs; Secondly, we should introduce advanced technology, take the path of joint venture cooperation or the combination of industry, University and research, and improve the research and development ability of new products; Finally, we should straighten out the system, form joint forces, advocate strategic alliances among enterprises, and strive to expand the market

to solve the above problems, it is obviously not enough to rely on the development of an enterprise alone. The construction of the general environment conducive to industrial development should be guided and supported by the state. To solve the fundamental problem, we cannot rely solely on this "three-year revitalization plan", and the state should continue to support it for a long time

in addition, there has been such a misunderstanding for a long time. The government's support for independent innovation is often limited to the way of project approval and investment in R & D funds, which is indeed a way, but it does not pay enough attention to the support for independent innovation products to occupy the market, which leads to the industrialization of independent innovation technology products and scientific and technological achievements in China

in fact, policy support should pay full attention to the market level. For example, compared with domestic machine tools, the discrimination of domestic machine tool core components in government procurement seems to be more serious

the main users of medium and high-end functional components are large and medium-sized state-owned backbone enterprises in China. Most of the equipment procurement funds of these enterprises come from key projects and technological transformation projects supported by national financial funds. These enterprises have always formed the habit of using foreign products, leading to the use of foreign brand functional components in the bidding documents when government procurement bidding. This practice obviously violates the relevant provisions of the national bidding law, but has become the "practice" of government procurement bidding, resulting in the loss of domestic brands' right and opportunity to compete fairly with foreign brands

taking numerical control system as an example, for strategic industries such as numerical control system, the government needs to give support from the market. Only when domestic products with independent innovation constitute competitive pressure on foreign products in the market, can foreign countries be forced to cancel the blockade and restrictions on China, and can foreign countries be forced to reduce the price monopoly on China

in fact, similar phenomena have long been noticed. Both the policy level and the industry itself are committed to improving this situation, and the strength and speed of policy support is obviously a key link

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