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The "machine replacement" shows its advantages, and the on-site inquiry about how the new energy vehicle manufacturing factory can resume work

the picture shows the welding workshop of Jinkang Salis Liangjiang factory, where the staff only need to be responsible for the monitoring of intelligent equipment. Xinhua Bloomberg photo

New they all have different functions. Chongqing, February 28 (Han Menglin) in recent days, Chongqing has paid attention to epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, resumption of work and production on the other hand, and taken multiple measures to ensure that enterprises gradually restore production order according to the actual situation and development trend of the epidemic. In the Yufu Industrial Park of Liangjiang New Area, Jinkang Thalys Liangjiang factory under Chongqing Xiaokang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. 5 - sample surface; It has also resumed work in an orderly manner. Since the "machine replacement" was realized through high intelligence at the beginning of the establishment of the plant, the adverse impact of the epidemic on the resumption of work has been greatly reduced, showing the unique advantages of Intelligent Manufacturing in the prevention and control of the epidemic

entering the clean and spacious factory area of this large new energy vehicle manufacturing factory covering an area of nearly 800 mu, there are almost no workers walking except for the loading and unloading trucks in the operation area. Entering the welding workshop is a busy scene in the post industrial era, but it is not an imagined crowded place, but an unmanned busy and orderly place -

the huge industrial robot arm flips and moves, easily grabs and sends large auto parts in the air, the robot arm of the next process accurately welds, and the sound of steel and electrification echoes in the bright workshop, According to the preset procedure, the AGV car sends the parts to the welding robot stations along the track of laying magnetic nails... All this depends on a few technicians clicking on the screen next to the production line

it is reported that the welding workshop of the factory has realized full unmanned operation. Compared with the welding workshop of traditional automobile manufacturing enterprises, which requires hundreds of people, there are only a few workers in the huge workshop supervising the robots

on February 27, Jinkang sailis Liangjiang factory has resumed work in an orderly manner. Photographed by Bloomberg, Xinhua

in the final assembly workshop, there are already "fresh" vehicles lining up to pass the final inspection line. The workers only need to cooperate with the machine to carefully inspect them, and if they pass the inspection, they can "give the green light" to them

Zhang Jiayi, general manager of Jinkang Thalys Liangjiang factory, said, "the advantages of intellectualization, digitalization and fewer people formed by intelligent manufacturing have been fully highlighted during the epidemic, which not only ensures the health and safety of the health waste plastic recycling plant of the resumption workers, but also ensures the controllability of production and product quality."

it is understood that this high-tech intelligent chemical plant is built according to industry 4.0 standard and has world-class hardware facilities. There are more than 1000 intelligent robots in the stamping, welding, coating, final assembly, battery pack and charging inspection workshops. The operation method is the same as the above. The key processes are 100% automated and 100% full-time inspection

at present, more than 400 of the more than 900 employees of this large manufacturing enterprise have returned to work. In order to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic, all on-the-job workers are local employees in Chongqing. In addition, the factory has also formulated strict prevention and control plans and strict rules and regulations to strictly control the entry of outsiders into the factory. Workers need to measure their temperature when entering and leaving the workshop, and wear masks throughout the process. In order to avoid gathering in the canteen, the meal delivery system is adopted, and boxed meals are directly sent to the workers' posts for dinner

in Chongqing, there are many manufacturing enterprises that have resumed work due to intelligent transformation to reduce the impact of the epidemic, such as the Jinkang Salis Liangjiang factory. According to the statistics from Chongqing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, in 2019, Chongqing promoted the implementation of 1280 intelligent transformation projects, identified the construction of 115 digital workshops and 25 intelligent factories, and selected 10 intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises. Data show that in 2019, Chongqing's investment in technological transformation accounted for 39% of industrial investment. Intelligent transformation is becoming the driving force for industrial technological transformation investment and the main engine for industrial upgrading and empowerment

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