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"Machine replacement" Zhejiang efficient resumption of work

original title: "machine replacement" Zhejiang efficient resumption of work

Yiwu International Trade City has been fully restored, and enterprises above Designated Size in the province have started construction one after another... In Zhejiang, behind the "one-step" resumption of work scene, it stems from the promotion of wave after wave resumption of work policies. On the premise of ensuring safety, all parts of Zhejiang have accurately implemented policies, played a "combined fist" of policies, and quickly implemented hard and practical moves to help enterprises get back on track

grasp the "epidemic map" on the one hand and draw the "resumption map" on the other hand. Both hands should be hard and win both wars. This is the goal set by Zhejiang for itself. As of February 24, 44364 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Zhejiang have resumed work, with a resumption rate of 99.8%

the technological innovation of intelligent manufacturing and "machine replacement" has played a great role in the resumption of work in Zhejiang. More enterprises said they would join the team of "machine replacement"

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bus package, high-speed rail package, aircraft package

some people commented that the resumption of work in Zhejiang was "overtaking at the curve, so the thickness of the cut sample was very small". When others were still hesitant to turn left or right, Zhejiang had recognized the direction and moved in the right direction. The first high-speed rail train to resume work after the holiday also subsidizes enterprises and employees, reduces the burden for enterprises, relieves worries for employees, and effectively solves the problem of returning to work

on February 16, Long Dragon Airlines received 154 employees from Jiashan County enterprises from Guangyuan airport in Sichuan, and then sent them directly to the county enterprises by bus. The government of Jiashan County contributes two-thirds and the enterprise undertakes one-third

on February 18, Huzhou Wuxing district government chartered Spring Airlines to Yunnan to pick up 165 employees. Caichao, Secretary of the board of directors of the Listed Company Jinzhou pipeline, said in an interview with China Securities News that the company had more than 80 employees on the flight, and all the expenses were paid by the government

on February 16, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province issued the "opinions on subsidies and incentives for enterprises to resume work and production", setting up a subsidy and incentive fund of no less than 100million yuan for enterprises to resume work and production, which is specially used for enterprises (including industry, service industry, construction industry) to resume work and production, and giving a one-time living allowance of 1000 yuan/person to new employees of enterprises. If the enterprise uniformly organizes employees outside the city to charter a car to return, the Charter fee will be fully subsidized by the government

not only Huzhou, but also many places in Zhejiang have introduced "warm heart" measures. Hangzhou gives a rental subsidy of 500 yuan per person; Shaoxing enterprises will be subsidized at the standard of 500 yuan per person for each new person participating in social security compared with the same period last year; Yiwu job seekers who come to Yiwu for the first time can enjoy three days of free accommodation

to be the "propeller" of resumption of work and production.

to promote the "win-win" of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, we need not only "safety valve", but also "propeller". Under the epidemic, problems such as difficult operation and lack of funds are perplexing the survival and development of enterprises, and many enterprises are struggling. To this end, Zhejiang has issued a package of policies to "reduce the burden" for enterprises and help enterprises tide over difficulties

in just three days, the credit information was submitted for approval, and a "green channel" was specially opened up for epidemic prevention material production enterprises. The enterprises immediately received 9million yuan of funds, and the loan interest rate was far lower than other financing. This is a recent case of "war epidemic loan" for technology-based enterprises, which was recently published by the collawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Yuhang, Hangzhou. This is only a microcosm of Zhejiang's policy of benefiting enterprises. At the critical moment of winning the war of prevention and control of epidemic in Zhejiang, helping enterprises solve the shortage of funds will help enterprises boost confidence and resume production as soon as possible

not only Hangzhou Yuhang District has financial support for enterprises, "42million yuan loan, which will be approved and issued within one day." This is the first "list system" anti epidemic loan issued by Agricultural Bank of China Taizhou Branch to Haizheng pharmaceutical listed company, which is the key support enterprise for epidemic prevention and control

Taizhou Central Branch of the people's Bank of China also quickly took out "real money" and released 500million yuan of small refinancing and 400million yuan of rediscount funds to provide preferential interest rate credit support to key enterprises and small and micro enterprises. Ye weizeng, director of Taizhou Municipal Finance Office, said that recently, "we will mainly provide financial services for enterprises to resume work, figure out the financing needs of enterprises, and guide financial institutions to strengthen precise docking", and launch a series of continuous and in-depth financial services to meet the capital needs of small and micro enterprises that are in trouble due to the epidemic as far as possible, so as to lay a solid foundation for Taizhou private enterprises to extricate themselves from difficulties and develop with high quality

in addition, Ningbo has issued policies to reduce or exempt value-added tax, import tariff, real estate tax and urban land use tax according to different situations, supporting enterprises to postpone declaration or payment. Lishui and Jiaxing handle deferred declaration or payment for enterprises with difficulties, and reduce or exempt real estate tax and urban land use tax. Enterprises and self-employed industrial and commercial households renting state-owned operating houses at or below the municipal level in Hangzhou are exempted from rent in February and March

"epidemic" strengthens the determination of intelligent manufacturing

an epidemic has given many enterprises new ideas. Many enterprises plan to strengthen the "machine replacement" this year, realize the intellectualization of production links, further reduce labor costs, and continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development to improve product competitiveness and added value

it is relatively easy for enterprises that take the lead in realizing intellectualization to resume work this time. After the introduction of automatic blanking machine in Wenzhou Naiqi shoes industry, now a worker can do the work of the original five workers. Without manual punch, the computer can automatically control the blanking. The enterprise also purchased four fore lasting machines to realize the processes of glue brushing, drying and fore lasting at one time, all of which are controlled by computers. Once the temperature is too high or too low, it will automatically stop the line and give an alarm. In the past, the temperature of this link was manually adjusted, which sometimes led to defects in the adhesion between the sole and the upper, which was easy to degumm

at a glance, the digital workshop of Chint electric, a listed company, is a busy manipulator, which presses the "detection" key in an orderly manner. Here, with Chint industrial Internet platform as the "brain", information system as the "nerve", and unmanned AGV logistics system as the "blood", the efficient integration of various functional areas has been realized. Chint appliance related people said that machines are not afraid of viruses, and there is no "trouble" of returning to work when using robots. "Machine replacement" and intelligent manufacturing have attracted more attention from enterprises, and many enterprises and government departments have made an appointment to visit "learning"

in the injection molding workshop of Zhejiang Zhucheng Technology Co., Ltd., 62 digital injection molding machines are running without stopping. In the workshop of more than 3000 square meters, only twoorthree employees patrol back and forth. The person in charge of the company said that the "machine replacement" provided extremely favorable conditions for the resumption of work. After automation transformation, it did not need a large number of employees to return to work smoothly. After the company resumed work on February 20, technicians, workshop supervisors and other key positions have all been in place, "machine replacement", the number of workers in each production line has been reduced, and the spacing between workers during work has been increased, which provides a great advantage for epidemic prevention work

as the "capital of electrical appliances in China" and the "production base of electronic components in China", private enterprises in Yueqing have a large demand for employment. As one of the hardest hit areas of COVID-19 in Zhejiang Province, the task of returning to work and production in Yueqing City is very arduous. Yueqing municipal Party committee and government issued the "Implementation Opinions on resolutely winning the prevention and control of covid-19 and developing the initiative war", and issued 32 policy "big gift packages" to enterprises in 8 aspects of resumption of work and production, including "fully cultivating new economic new business forms and new models", vigorously implementing the "No.1 Project" of digital economy, increasing the support of robotics, big data, artificial intelligence and other industries, and promoting the digitalization and intelligent transformation of industries, Telecom operators and cloud platform enterprises provide enterprises with free cloud office services and speed-up services during the epidemic prevention and control period

according to the person in charge of Yueqing economic and Information Technology Bureau, the introduction of support policies for resumption of work and production is in line with Yueqing's economic development ideas. In recent years, Yueqing has focused on policy support and financial support, taking the intelligent technological transformation of enterprises as an important combination project to promote investment driven and innovation driven, and has overcome the key technical points and key leverage points of the injection machine CNC system. In 2019, 241 technological transformation projects were approved for enterprises in the city, and 153 projects in 8 batches were funded with technological transformation subsidies, with a subsidy amount of 153million yuan. At the same time, there were 6 batches of supporting Competitive Financial deposits of 605million yuan

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