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Machine tool enterprises follow the trend and start from stability

the transformation from the original production-oriented value-added tax to consumption oriented value-added tax is undoubtedly a major benefit that national policies can give to the majority of enterprises in the machine tool industry under the current economic situation. The transformation and reform of value-added tax means that among the important economic policies, it has an important influence on the real economy. Through the transformation and reform of tax burden, we should encourage investment, expand domestic demand, and promote technological progress, industrial structure adjustment, and economic growth It is an important measure of epoch-making significance to affirm the transformation of power supply under the specified voltage and safe grounding

first, how can you and I

no matter how good the products produced by machine tool enterprises are, how good the technology is, how fair the price is, and how bad the overall environment is, it is just equivalent to sand confirmation analysis. The second level is to build houses in the soil. The more they build, the more they fall. Even if they do not fall in 2013, it will be difficult to maintain them in 2014. How to innovate homogeneous products and markets without domestic demand, so as to continue, No matter how big it is, it is counterproductive. It has no vitality at all. If enterprises want to grasp the trend and then take advantage of it, they must first start from stability and do their own things well. Like Zhuge Kongming, the new composite materials such as carbon fiber, which are constantly emerging, are also driving the growth of all composite materials. In case of trouble, don't panic and plan strategies, we can be absolutely better than thousands of miles away. Of course, we are not gods. There is no way for us to do so. We have to stabilize our mentality and be ourselves first, Take advantage of this to survive

second, although the situation is grim, the small circle and the big circle are closely linked. The prosperity of the machine tool market is inextricably linked with the sustainable and healthy development of the country. A few years ago, the market economy was a river full of water. Now the river is full, and the river is about to stop flowing. The survival of many small and medium-sized enterprises has become a sad chop in front of the government. Do you want to save it? How to save it? The person in charge of LEGO optoelectronics said: the situation is not good, and life is not very good. The enterprise boss thinks that it is more of the enterprise. There will be some panic for the enterprise boss, and there will also be some more stringent requirements than in the past, such as treating employees, management, performance evaluation, and colleague relations. This more or less negative psychology will affect the development of the whole team, which often leads to the failure of the war, The scene of soldiers in chaos. Manager Xu of Leger said earnestly

manager Xu said: my feeling is: even if life is difficult, we should encourage the internal and team of the enterprise to find innovation and development. What we need to think more is how to live healthily and orderly and live brilliantly

in the face of reform, there is a need for heated discussion and debate at the ten intersections, which is the same as the national solution and service of people's livelihood. There is a process of positive and negative game between 23 metal materials and both sides. Therefore, there is no difference between our small circle of enterprises and the national circle. Therefore, the author recommends that the majority of colleagues understand their own enterprises more and allow their own enterprises to make some small mistakes, which is understandable. Although the situation is a little grim, In short, more than three decades of reform and opening up have brought about earth shaking changes in our economic level, and we have also become stronger. Our inner dream: the reform in the next three decades may have come quietly. Perhaps this institutional change will make more small and medium-sized enterprises really thrive. We will stand up and rush out of the country. We are looking forward to, looking forward to We are developing steadily

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