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CNOOC Daya Bay new project was accused of seriously exceeding the standard of exhaust gas

Huizhou petrochemical branch of CNOOC Energy Development Co., Ltd. built a 400000 ton/year calcined coke project in Daya Bay. On October 17, the project entered the completion environmental protection acceptance of the spinal device including polyurethane that is being tested or used clinically. According to Yangcheng Evening News, the Environmental Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Department 5. The hydraulic seal adopts a double seal structure. The Inspection Bureau said that the noise and sulfur dioxide of CNOOC's project exceed the standard, of which the sulfur dioxide exceeds the standard by as much as twice. Local people are also increasingly dissatisfied with the environmental problems in the petrochemical area

the 400000 T/a calcined coke project of CNOOC Base Group Co., Ltd. is located in Daya Bay petrochemical zone, Huizhou City. The project needs to emit a lot of waste gas. The waste gas mainly comes from the calcination system of the petrochemical project. CNOOC Huizhou company said that the waste gas generated by the project will be discharged from the 80 meter high chimney after treatment. The noise at the plant boundary is mainly produced by noise producing equipment in the plant, such as pumps, conveyor belts, rotary kiln fans, etc. because the project is located in Daya Bay petrochemical industrial zone, the south of the project is adjacent to the sea, and the other three sides are industrial land, which will not cause nuisance effects

however, the Environmental Supervision Bureau of the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Department said that the total emission of pollutants from CNOOC Huizhou project exceeded the standard of sulfur dioxide. According to the acceptance monitoring results, based on the annual production of 330 days and 24 hours/day, the actual (blog) total pollutant emissions of CNOOC Huizhou 400000 tons/year calcined coke project are 232.6 tons/year of sulfur dioxide and 0.016 tons/year of chemical oxygen demand. Among them, the chemical oxygen demand of water pollution indicators meets the total amount control requirements of the EIA approval and restoration document "Yue Huan Shen [2007] No. 227" issued by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Guangdong Province (chemical oxygen demand 0.768 t/a), but the amount of cokeli Septon for medical film and infusion pipe of sulfur dioxide emission seriously exceeds the standard, which is more than twice the previous approval requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency for the project EIA (the environmental protection agency allows the project to emit 113 tons of sulfur dioxide per year). The noise slightly exceeded the standard

a survey conducted by Guangdong Provincial Department of environmental protection on the local public in Huizhou Daya Bay petrochemical zone showed that 10% of local residents were dissatisfied with the petrochemical zone, mainly with the environmental problems of the entire petrochemical zone

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